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4th Jul 2012, 22:08
Hey everyone i am at Detroit 2 and if you remember if you won the conversation with sarif before you go to hengsha you get this quest to save the detective first then you meet the group with suits. Well as i got pretty personal with them i knocked everyone out and then dropped them in a sewer. later on i came back and they were dead now does that affect my pacifist achievement?

5th Jul 2012, 00:23
Yes, they most likely died because of the big drop. Depending on how big the fall was, it could've killed them which affects the Pacifist achievement.

5th Jul 2012, 19:24
Do the guys at the Lab Assault at the very beginning of the game (BC: Before Cyborg) count against Pacifist?

6th Jul 2012, 04:21
god damn it...and yeah.

there goes hours to waste but it's wierd do it feels like they were still in Zzzz mode when i dropped them off. I mean i usually throw them enemies and they still stay Zzzz

30th Jul 2012, 00:13
there is no way to fix it?

30th Jul 2012, 02:34
I got the platinum trophy so I can testify.. anytime anyone dies, there goes the pacifist. Avoid dropping knocked out folks, throwing them or even piling them over each other. I found that out after piling 4 to 5 knocked out folks in the corner and came back later and the bottom guy died. I believe it was the weights of the other piled on top of him. Also, don't knock out injured folks like Brent Radford or the Ty Young Medical employee you will soon save during the gas main explosion during the first time you enter Ty young medical from Hengsha first visit. Both will die if you deliberately or accidently knock any out.

As for the beginning Sarif Hq mission, you can go through all the rooms without being seen. Here some tips/strategy:

First room with the first two bad guys: Go through the door right away and go around on the right side of the room as low using cover all the way to the front and then stay covered on the side of the table before the bottom of the stairway waiting for the two bad guys. The two bad guys will still be on the top of the stairs up there. You will have enough time to sneak around the right side to the front while the bad guys blows away the Sarif employee as they enter the top of the stairs before making their way down to the room. When they are all the way down to the room, wait for the bad guy closest to you to do his quick look and turn. When he turns away and starts to walk to the back of the room, (the other guy should already be turned away and to the far side of the room) now is when you sneak to the stairs and keep going up using the side as cover and all the way up and then out of the upstairs door.

Next room with 3 bad guys: As you open the door, two bad guys will be talking down the way in front of you and the 3rd is pacing up and down the way on the left side. Stay low and quickly go in using cover to the left and keep going if the 3rd bad guy is walking away from you; otherwise, wait until that 3rd bad guy turns and walk away to the front of the room. Sneak your way around to the left side keeping an eye on that 3rd guy and make your way using cover to the front table (left/middle of room before the front door.) That 3rd bad guy will stop before this cover so you won't be seen. Wait for this 3rd guy to turn and walk away to towards the back of the room (also making sure the other two guys are looking away), then sneak quickly through the door.

Last room with 4 bad guys: As you enter the room towards the ledge/cover leading to the stairway, the bad guys will be busting into the room downstair with explosion. Get to that ledge/cover as quickly as you can and stay covered. Look at those bad guys. 2 guys will be stationary looking around and they are standing right next to two gas tanks. The other guys walking around, one at the far side and the other near side of the rooms. Here is what you do to get a quick knock out all in one. As the two roaming guys converge to the two standing guys, get a good quick beat on the gas tanks and unload or a few rounds. All four will be knocked out from the gas tanks explosion from your shot. Now, roll through the room and have fun getting decimated by Jaron.

Hope that helps and you can follow ok. Also, I have gone through all levels and missions with Ghost achievements except the raid inside Harvesters Hideout in Hengsha 2. I believe that is just how it is. I went through that mission without being seen or having to knock out any Harvesters and still no Ghost, but got the smooth operator. I even went through another game without lethal force and knocking out everybody, yes, I mean everybody and without being seen and got the "Foxist of the Hound" achievement where you go through the entire game without setting off any panel alarm or being seen (red hostile) by the bad guys.

1st Aug 2012, 14:33
holy ****. Thanks Well i was as well focusing on foxiest i never realesed an alarm or killed uncessary (unless there was 100% no death of knock) big shame my empathy for jensen took over it and forgot my work

10th Aug 2012, 17:16
Yeah, have fun, good luck. I did it just to get the pacifist trophy, but I much enjoy Jensen's kill option on bad guys.. even cops, but I guess I have a sense of code, only if the knuckleheads cops start shooting, then they are trying to kill me, then, I say to him/them, "For you who about to die.. I salute you!"