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2nd Jul 2012, 21:35
Has anyone else noticed that the Flesh and Wraith Armors look like recolorations of the Iron Armor?
The Iron armor is Red underneath and Black on top,
The Flesh Armor is all Red,
And The Wraith Armor is all Black.

To be honest, I didn't noticed until my most recent visit to The Dark Chronicle Site, where they show the weapons and armor of BO. I took a good look at those armors and thought they looked too similar.

Anyone else notice that yet? I'm only asking because I thought I was crazy:nut:, but I need a second opinion.

Check out the crazy faces!!!

3rd Jul 2012, 00:19
Perhaps it's due to the pics on Dark Chronicle being smaller, but no the Flesh Armor is nothing like the Iron Armor. It's made to look in that art like someone literally stripped of their skin:


The Wraith Armor, however, is a repurposing of the Iron Armor. It's dark and made to look partially transparent:


Iron Armor, for reference:


While there is red there in the Iron Armor, it's the color simply of the chainmail underneath of the plate armor over top.

27th Jul 2012, 18:42
Weak spot: belly button.

Strands Of Night
29th Jul 2012, 07:22
So i never noticed this before, and maybe its not something that i should point out. Maybe im looking at it wrong or maybe i am focusing entirely too much on these pics. But...

Kain looks like he REALLY likes the iron and wraith armors... See what i mean? He just looks so... confident...

Guess maybe he is a fashion nut... Explains the cosmetic outfit changes in BO2. Maybe they made him confident too.

29th Jul 2012, 09:15
Strands: It's the same Kain face and pose no matter the armor. This reminds me of one of the first editing experiments with film done by Lev Kuleshov, called the Kuleshov Effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuleshov_Effect), where he took the same stoic, expressionless image of a man and transposed it with a shot of a plate of soup, a girl, and girl's coffin. The audience, despite the face shot being exactly the same and having no emotion, wrote with praise on the "actor" for his performance, how hungry he looked for the soup, the love he felt for the girl, and the sadness he expressed at the girl's death. We can project meaning and emotion where there isn't one, basically. It's part of how we make sense of things around us. I think you might be doing a bit of that here :D

Squid: Not entirely weak, as there is the same chainmail present you see on the arms, and probably under-padding underneath that. Plate armor must be harder to come by in full sets, it seems, heh. It's got more armor than his head does in any of the suits. There's a weak point for you :p

Strands Of Night
29th Jul 2012, 14:25
I wasnt really talking about his face at all Hylden... Guess it was pretty vauge. Better too vauge than too detailed.

29th Jul 2012, 19:29
Well, speaking of his confident look, at any rate, I think Kain would look confident wearing a burlap sack, or wearing nothing at all :p That's just Kain.

(By the way, fangirls united, just ignore that line about Kain nekid :nut: *waves hand* I never said anything about it...)

30th Jul 2012, 02:34
Hell, he goes topless almost constantly from Blood Omen 2 on.

31st Jul 2012, 05:48
Seriously: if you heal up in 5 seconds flat, I guess all you really need is a breastplate over your heart and you're good to go. Leave the rest of that metal at home so the weight don't slow you down. The one thing that realistically should be added to Kain's armor is a neck-guard against beheadings, the other big weakness of vamps. As an ubervamp he'd still survive it, but why go through the indignity when you can just wear an extra armor piece.

Not seriously: that BO2 armor Kain wore was fresh off of a Meridian fashion runway for flamboyant armor, very Bravo network. (That apparatus that looked like it was reaching for the stars with that one-sided metal arm sweeping up from his shoulder.)