View Full Version : Game sounds for mobile text alert

2nd Jul 2012, 08:27

I'm looking for a way to access/extract the audio files that are used in game. I am thinking I'll use an effect such as activation of the cloak or the vision augments. I'd like to change my phone's text alert to something a little more interesting.

Is there's a particular programme that someone can recommend and where do I find these game files?

I already own the soundtrack so I'll be trimming a track down to use as a ringtone (I bought Deus Ex: HR Augmented Edition which comes with Michael McCann's amazing soundtrack but since that only had a small selection of tracks I also went and bought the album too). I've got to say, gameplay aside, the way this game sounds is amazing.

Just in case it makes a difference I purchased the game on Steam.

Apologised if this has already been covered but the search feature of this forum doesn't seem to be working. :(