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27th Jun 2012, 18:33
No augs / no items / no takedowns / stealthy speed-run for Deus Ex: Human Revolution on "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty

www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdHjLjGqhBg (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdHjLjGqhBg)


1) No aug upgrades. Using the Hacking: Capture Level 1 aug (available by default) was allowed.
2) Empty inventory throughout the whole game. No weapons of any kind and no energy or healing items either.
3) No takedowns, lethal or non-lethal (no exception for Namir). No kills of regular enemies through any other means.
4) "Dirty" ghosting, i.e. distractions and brief detection ("alarmed" from humans/bots and "suspicious" from cameras) were allowed as long as no one got hostile and I received Ghost/SO for a section.


1) I've missed a single Ghost bonus because of the bots in the TYM hangar. Technically, this exception is not unavoidable: dealing damage to bots (and them turning hostile) doesn't cancel Ghost by itself — being seen does. Meaning that I could have retained the Ghost status for this section by throwing a crate-> hiding immediately for 30 sec -> repeat. It would extend the time from 15 minutes to 3 hours, so I decided against that.
2) I had to lower difficulty to "Tell me a story" for a boss fight with Yelena Fedorova. Again, technically it is possible to beat her on hardest difficulty using the exact same tactics I employ in the video but it would take ~2 hours. I *can* do it, but decided that it would be better to show the fight in real-time without doing video edits. Everything else is on "Give me Deus Ex" (not that it matters, considering that I'm stealthing through the game).


1) Physics glitches were allowed. It's impossible to satisfy all 4 rules without using the clipping glitch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayoLqDlF8CE) (i.e. moving objects like crates through doors to the areas where they're not normally accessible). The clipping glitch is *required* for Fedorova's fight. Zhao can be killed by kiting a bot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8o-XmcqzN0), but it would break no-detection rule. "Fire extinguisher landing system" (TM) was used several times to avoid damage from falls — but for fun and speed only and not much else — in all cases I could've chosen more conventional but longer routes.
2) Using physical objects (crates, fire extinguishers, explosive barrels) to deal damage was allowed, as long as I stayed within the rules.
3) I tried to do things as fast as possible, so this run also qualifies as a restricted speedrun. I can't compare my time with other Ghost or no-augs runs directly because I've edited some of the footage, but each individual segment with Ghost/Smooth Operator bonuses (like Police station, Omega Ranch, etc.) is usually 1,5-2 times shorter than what you find elsewhere. I declined all side-quests: they either require using takedowns/upgraded augs or a lot of talking/running. On the other hand I did some unnecessary stuff if it was interesting to accomplish under imposed restrictions (like getting to Sarif in Panchaea). I edited out the inter-mission cinematics, skipped most mid-level cutscenes and trimmed conversation to first+last 10 seconds (showing Jensen's dialogue choices when appropriate).
4) For my own personal amusement I tried to lead as many story NPCs to their demise as I could — through negligence only, of course. Results: hostages in the plant, Josie Thorpe, Van Bruggen, worker in TYM, Sandoval, Malik, everyone in Panchaea.

10th Dec 2012, 11:39
Great speedrun with lot of memorable and very funny moments.