View Full Version : Bugged Quest in the Missing Link

26th Jun 2012, 07:40
Playing through the Missing Link for the first time and made it to the point where I have to assemble the Rocket Launcher for Quinn by finding the 3 missing parts.

I am a heavy explorer by nature -- its just the way I play, so before I even found Quinn I had already found all 3 of the Rocket launcher parts in the various containers.

But there seems to be a bug (at least on the PC version)...
If you find all 3 parts before you even talk to Quinn, the game freaks out a little bit. Quinn tells you that you have only found 2 parts. Your mission screen tells you that you have only found one part... and you cannot complete the quest.

Tried it twice -- Talk to Quinn then find the parts: Rocket Launcher.
Find the parts then talk to Quinn: bugged.
Mildly upset... anyone know of a way to fix this?

EDIT: Shut the game off and came back... and the problem was fixed. Adam and Quinn carry on the conversation, you get the points, etc even having found the parts before talking to him.

strange little glitch... now I can't even seem to recreate it.