View Full Version : Factory Zero Achievement

25th Jun 2012, 19:40
Hey I've played through the game 3 times now, twice trying to get this achievement. Could you make it so the achievement that takes a full playthrough to get actually states what you need to do? Then track it correctly? The first time I tried for it and failed I felt stupid because it specifically says don't use praxis kits... whoops, I picked them up (which automatically uses them) but didn't spend the points but I clearly didn't do what the achievement said. I'm thinking "Sweet, I can't use praxis kits but I can spend my points because it doesn't say anything about that, it'll be easier and quicker this time." Nope. Apparently can't spend points. I never shot a gun, I never threw a grenade, I never threw anything in the environment that explodes... what gives? If I can't use any praxis points why doesn't it just say that? If that's the case why can't I pick up praxis kits, they'd be worthless. Can I pick up a gun? Can I throw explosive barrels like some people state (totally using an explosive), can I throw gas grenades since they don't explode? Dear God figuring out your poorly worded achievement should be an achievement.