View Full Version : Deus ex NOT launching after pressing play on steam

24th Jun 2012, 21:26
ok here is the problem I am having. Deus ex has not been launching on my steam account after pressing the play button. After pressing the play button, it will say im playing the game and use around 94,000kb, which is not the necessary amount needed to play. I've tried un-installing and then re-installing, going into the files, checking if im missing any files thanks to my friend, and even changing the boot options. I have also verified the files and defragmenting the game. I have tried running as administrator also, but nothing seems to work. However, when i play the deus ex missing link dlc, the game runs and I am able to play it which is baffling to me. I also know that other people are having the same problem and some have found ways, but they don't work for me. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please respond because it needs to be fixed.