View Full Version : Issues with running Hitman off of STEAM

21st Jun 2012, 17:12
As the title says I am having issues with the Hitman series which I got bundled together. I have never played the series so I started with Agent 47. I installed it with no issues (at least nothing was mentioned). After it installed I noticed the desktop icon was a blank piece of paper. I figured it was a glitch and clicked it to run the game. The first time I did so I made it to the main menu, then the game crashed. Second time I made it to the options, then it crashed again, finally I went to start a new game, and it crashed again. I have Windows 7 OP on a Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop, with an Intel Core i5-2410M Processor. I hope you folks can help me out. I really appreciate any and all help that is provided.