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19th Jun 2012, 15:28
I had this for two days after a re-install of the game from a hard-drive failure. Installing the BSmodHQ update sorted the problem out it can be found here, BSmodHQ update (http://www.battlestations.co.za/bs-pacific.html) install version one first then version 2.

19th Jun 2012, 16:59
If that still doesn't work try editing the Options file found in the Battlestations Pacific folder in your my docs folder. It should look like this ;-

Language english
Fullscreen 1
Resolution 1920 1200
Vsync 1
ShaderModel 2
Antialias 8
Clouds 1
Foliage 1
Shadow 1
Reflection 1
TextureDetail 2
ObjectDetail 2
SoundEnabled 1
Firewall 1
HardwareReported 1

The last two lines before I edited them had a value of 0, which is the default off setting. Changing the value to 1 switches it on, hope this helps all who are frustrated with the game not working I sure know I was :mad2::lmao::D

Here to Ask
16th Feb 2013, 21:58
Hello, I have the same problem you had but i can't find an update for it and the link you put up doesn't work for me do you have any advice that i could use? I do understand that i am on a MAC and you are on a PC but do you no anything that helped?
Here to Ask