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“The Body may heal, but the mind is not always so resilient.” - William Taggart.

The light pollution over the city-scape of Detroit made it hard to tell what time of day or night it was, but by the way the cold black envelope choked the outskirts of the city, David Sarif knew.
He was sweating, panting, hurridly throwing clothes into a suitcase, the light off the ceiling was reflected in his cybernetic arm, sometimes he forgot it was still there.
“David, I need an answer.” General O'Neill said
The words hung in the room like a smog.
“We are treading a fine line General, if people knew, truly knew, that there was truth to what the tabloids said.”
“I know, I know, we would be hunted down, and persecuted.. And that would just be what the law did to us, even if there is no law now against it, give it time, they will make one, just for us..”
“That's why this needs to be kept quiet, It's no secret that soldiers these days use augments, It's like any other person using them, they want to get ahead, in this case, getting ahead means having a better chance of survival, even though many would consider this morally wrong, I've done it once, to someone I trusted.”
David thought about Adam Jensen, about the pain he had put him through for his own agenda, and felt regret, for the first time in a long time.
“You had your reasons David, as I have mine, this project, is in the interest not only of national security, but the stability of the world, we are on the brink David, times like these, we need these programs.”
“Ok, fine, do it..” the contempt in Sarif's voice could be felt across the room.
“It's already done...”

In the underworks of Sarif Industries, the wheels of change were turning, the operating suite had not seen this volume of use since the current head of security Adam Jensen had needed a full body reconstruction after the attack on the Detroit Headquarters. Now things were different, this wasn't your regular hushed corporate project, government doctors, government funding, but it was all necessary, for the greater good, wasn't it?

The morning's packages had arrived, it had taken a semi trailer just to get them there, when security had rolled them downstairs, all the busy S.I. Workers had thought they had received a whole new set of equipment, when the OXL Cryonics logo was peeled back on the load, they knew it was something else entirely, three people, frozen to keep their hopes of survival alive, while the brass debated whether they were acting within discretion. But now, given a second chance.

Chapter One: Broken.

“The body may heal, but the mind is not always so resilient.” William Taggart's words made more sense to Mordecai Toth now more than ever, he had used them himself, many times before. Soldiers with newly fitted augments to get them back in the fight had asked him the question many times before “is it worth it, to sacrifice my humanity so I can continue fighting someone else's war?” Toth would often reply “If it is an arm that makes us human, then why don't you condemn cripples.” only now did Mordecai ask the question himself, head to toe he was more machine than man now, more metal than flesh. Mordecai's vision was blurred, hammer bursts slammed against his skull.
“How do you feel Doctor Toth? The blurred vision will pass momentarily, as for the muscle pain, what's left of your body has atrophied, it will take some time for the muscle repair but you will live.” The voice from the shadows was unfamiliar, but calm, stern.
Mordecai looked around the room, amidst the shadows and shapes he could make out three figures, one standing above him, two on beds similar to his own. Then the world went black.

“Do you really think this is going to work General?” Sarif said from the observation room above the theatre.
“It has to, these are the most qualified individuals we could find.”
“These aren't covert ops general, that one's a doctor, that one's a cop, and her, she's a murderer, a brigand, and you want to give them the best military grade augmentations money can buy?”
“You did it for Adam..”
“That was different.”
“David, you need to understand, these riots have reached a tipping point, the U.N is close to a resolution, soon you may not have a company, we could be dealing with all-out war between augmented people and non-augmented people.”
“You really think it could get that bad?”
“It's only a matter of time, someone higher up is turning these wheels, that's why we need these programs, these 'deniable assets' so we can act.”
“Then...... yes, General, the answer is yes.”

When Mordecai came to again, the room was brighter, he lifted his hand to shield his eyes when he saw it for the first time, his whole left arm, from the shoulder down, a metallic, unnatural fake. His heartbeat rose, he checked the extent of the damage, breathing heavily, bullets of sweat raced down his forehead, he checked, chest, ribs, arms, legs, all metal, all augmented.

“Calm down, you're gonna give yourself a heart attack.” A calm voice said from the far side of the room.
“Not that there is any risk of dying from something like that in a place like this.” A second voice replied, this one was different, heavily accented, almost childlike, playful.
“Who are you?” Mordecai said, using all his will to mask the pain he was in.
“Walters, Virgil Walters, DPD. The frenchie over there is Aveline.” Virgil said.
“Frenchie he calls me, hmph, typical american.” Aveline rebutted.
“I, I'm Mordecai Toth, Dr Mordecai Toth.”

The doors at the far side of the room whirred to life to reveal two men walking into the theatre, light spilled out and into the hallway to reveal several FEMA officers.

“You must be wondering what happened.” The first voice said, it was familiar to Toth, the voice he heard when he first regained consciousness.
“First, you can tell me why the hell I have these metal contraptions for arms, then you can update me on the current affairs.” Virgil scoffed.
“My name is General James O'Neill, Department of Defense, this is my colleague Colonel Belthar Vaiiken, and first thing's first, as per the waiver that you all signed to operate in the Australian theatre, your respective employers reserve the right to perform augmentation surgery in the event that you are permanently incapacitated in the line of duty.”
The room was silent while the shock of it all was left on the three damaged people.
“Here are your death certificates, all three of you killed in action after a terrorist attack on a refugee processing facility outside of Perth, Western Australia.”
“What's this about?” Toth asked quietly
“Folks you have been enlisted by the D.O.D to serve as the new tip of the spear, it's hitting breaking point out there, the world is on the brink, there is a war coming and it's coming soon, we need you to stop it. Welcome to Task Force Talon.

Toth opened the mission dossier, it had files on his two new companions, and on his handler, this Colonel Vaiiken, and on the events that had been going on since his supposed death six months ago, it quickly became clear that there was no way out of this, they were now the tools to be used and thrown away, there was no retiring from Talon.

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