View Full Version : Most challenging Tomb raider game?(Including Guardian of Light)

15th Jun 2012, 03:56
Almost done with 4 and 5 and was wondering what you guys thought was the most challenging game in the tomb raider series? I haven't played them all, but I'm very curious to see what you guys think :) The Angel of Darkness was pretty challenging because of controls, but I think out of the ones I have played Tomb Raider 4 is pretty challenging :) what do you guys think?

I included Guardian of Light as well just for the heck of it! And I hope this hasn't been done before but ah well!

16th Jun 2012, 02:48
I will go for TR3. The South Pacific levels and Lost City of Tinnos levels are so difficult and take so much figuring out how to get through certain areas.

16th Jun 2012, 12:16
"Last Revelation", hands down. The levels are incredibly easy to get lost in when being un-familiar with them, and med packs and shotgun and crossbow ammo are stashed away so good at times it feels like they're only available in the first 5 levels. Which would be fine if their weren't scarabs you can't kill, or skeletons you have to either decapitate or shoot off a ledge. Not to mention the near-impossible to find pipe in the Cairo levels. Great game, tho. And trapping Set was quite a challenge as well. He's got fairly good aim. And speaking of Set, I can't forget to mention the glitch with the Ankh you need to lock him in. I can't imagine being a person that gets that bug and had no advanced warning about it. Must be the most frustrating/heartbreaking thing in the world.

"TR3" was pretty challenging as well, namely due to the save system. Well, that and the last 3 or 4 sets of levels. "TR3" definately has the most challenging end of the game boss battle tho, far as I'm concerned. But again, great game.

Cool idea for a poll, BTW. I'm curious to see the results of this one.

Randy 54
16th Jun 2012, 23:07
I went with TR3. The levels in that game were challenging but the London
level had me scratching my head particularly, in the subway.

16th Jun 2012, 23:20
It has gotta be TR3. Snakes in the jungle were killing me! And then fighting with multiple Shivas...just exhausting. I never finished it alone, my brother did.

17th Jun 2012, 18:51
TR3 probably has the most difficult start levels in India and the swamp in South Pacific is real bad.

I think TR4 takes this one as there are so many difficult levels, limited ammo and one of the hardest things I have seen in a video game in the form of that annoying machine gun turret you have to try sneak behind.

17th Jun 2012, 20:24
I went for AoD because of the control system, teeth grindingly challening!

Gameplay/puzzle wise I'd go for TR3 as well.


Raindrops Melody
19th Jun 2012, 12:27
TR3! All of the newer games were instantly eliminated from my list because they tend to guide you along much easier than anyyyy of the older ones and underworld almost seems like it has no wrong turns and only one right way to do things. I felt like I was just walking through the game in those regards.

But the older games? Ah, they were something to scratch your head about! The graphics often made many climbable objects difficult to see, which added to the challenge, and sometimes the puzzles would take MUCH trial and error. Entire maps would be involved and you'd be sitting there for hours or even dayyyys trying to pass just one part! I picked TR3 because I personally had the most trouble with it. xD

3rd Jul 2012, 06:57
Good posts guys!!! :) really wanting to play tomb raider 3 now!