View Full Version : Pacifist Achievement (Warning: possible spoiler)

3rd Jun 2012, 16:47
Hi people,

I just finished the game trying to get the Pacifist Achievement.
I NEVER used any lethal weapon, but always non-lethatl weapons instead. I also never killed anyone in close combat, but always only knocked my opponent's down.

Now I get the feeling that knocking down opponent's prevents me from getting the achievement. Or does it not?

If not ... what happened.
I cared very much not to use any lethal force.

Is it possible that killing those three people in the boxes at the end (Hydron) counts as killing someone?

Oh and one other thing: the Cloak & Daggers Achievement. How does one get it?

6th Jun 2012, 13:21
I finished my pacifist yesterday (second play-through, I didn't know those foes at the start also counted!)

Knocking out people, either by hand or by using stunning weapons don't count. At the Hydron, those foes can also be safely executed (I had that anti-emp field aug, so I only saw they were executed after I finished hacking that console :P). But they can drop to their deaths or (possibly) drown. So, if you punch somebody on a roof top and he falls to his death, that'll be your fault. And thus you'll have lost the pacifist. I just made sure never to knock anybody down while on a ledge and if they dropped in the sewer, I'd pick them out and put them safely on the dry edge...

11th Jun 2012, 21:08
Did you evade the hostiles in the prologue, before Adam gets his augmentations?You're not allowed to kill them if you're after the achievement.In case you didn't kill them, there have been quite a few reports of enemies ending up dead after being shot with the tranq rifle. Best if you recheck every taken out hostile throughout your playthrough.