View Full Version : Questions for youtube viewers. (especially those who watched my no-Aug playthrough)

2nd Jun 2012, 12:49
Ok, my questions are about my channel.
I have 17 subscribers, which I love every one of them. :)
most of them are from this forum. around 12 of them...

It's kinda hard to know what people wants or are thinking, since there are very few to almost no comments (which I understand that not all have accounts)
some who actually commented, just got an account to do so.

& there are hidden viewers, I got likes or subscribers from videos that indicated 0 views

1. What do you think about the path the channel is going so far, read below about its journey. :)
(I moved the questions up for obvious reasons.)

2. "Talking live???"
What do you think of the movie playthrough?
or should I go for "live commentary" :eek:

if only I can do both on the same file... (does anyone know if its possible?)

3. if you've checked out any of the links above, what do you think?
what could I have done differently or improved on.

4. Any Suggestions or Comments?

Hi everyone, not sure if anyone remembers me. (haven't posted anything here in almost a year) :o

A quick recap, I did a "No-Aug" playthrough
Youtube Playlist link:

followed by the DLC & 2x Music Videos

Thanks again for those who had watch them. :)

They're my first playthroughs actually, since I just learn how to record one.
Sorry I could not finish the "Ghost Run" playthrough, had a new pc & not so sure how to transfer the old savegames or remember which one is which...
Terrible thing that we can't name our save files.

Auric180's Channel

My Channel is mainly about giving movie experience to games out there (no inventories, dialog options if it can be edited out)
& some creative acting if I'm not too hype in the moment to think straight, lol

In the gaming world, I tend to call myself Vold (short for you know who)
Which so happens to fit nicely for a Wizard in Diablo III :D

So, after DX:HR other playthroughs came & go
thanks to my old pc, too much hassle & unlike other games I didn't post them in forums like this, so not much people notices them.

though some did but sadly I couldn't pursue it, like Fallout 3 / New Vegas
believe it or not, I haven't finish either games yet, even offline lol

My DX:HR, wasn't a movie playthrough. It was sort of a challenge to go in with no-augs.
so a movie playthrough is still a possibility if there are people willing to watch one.

I am planning on a new one though, so far I haven't heard anyone done this yet. If & when I start it, i'll post it on this forum.

1 of my favourite game to play out is Assassin's Creed II
with all the cutscenes & stuff, it actually feels like a movie.

almost done with it, finished part 1 but it just reminded me how that game was, lol

I have Revelations but haven't touch that, was hoping to do part 2 & brotherhood first, but if people suggested to jump to Revelations I'll do so, which brings to a question I have listed below.

I did Batman: Arkham Asylum, 1 of few I actually finished.
planning to start on Arkham City soon, I decided to restart it cause I was running randomly in the first one. Want to think things through as I go this time. :)

Finished Modern Warfare 3 (Veteran difficulty) but haven't uploaded them all yet.
tough to find time to do that, with a housemate who plays online.
uploading tend to mess up online games.

shooter games like this is pretty straightforward & no editing required.

Music Video (yes, same song, lol)
love the lyrics, different games bring in different tales to it.

Mass Effect 3
Never touched the game series, but I did watch someone play it & made this for her. :)
Her playthrough was a Female Paragon

The Walking Dead
The latest one I'm playing & uploading.
Great game, for those who love dialogs, as it changes the results depending on what you do, who you save & so on.
Regular playthrough

The Silent Treatment playthrough (got 600+ viewers. :o)

seems no one thought of trying this out & someone made a post just for this playthrough of mine, thanks a lot to him. :)
Hit 200 in just 1 day.

Music Video (Different song, lol)

Got 3x bleach music videos (1 of them hit 544, broke my DX:HR record. :o )
guess they like the 2 characters it featured on (Ichigo & Ul-quira)

& so on. :)

Thanks for reading & if this thread had not been removed for whatever reason, thanks for that too.
take care, everyone