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26th May 2012, 00:11

In the Derelict Row you arrive at a punchable wall :mad2: by climbing a fire escape. Behind this wall are two Gangers. Is there a possibility to take them out without killing them? :scratch:

Thanks for advice!

m G h m u o s
26th May 2012, 00:46
You can blow up breakable walls using explosives but I don't know if the guy leaning on the other side will survive. Do you just want to take them out just for pure OCD itches from knowing they're there lol?

You could try alerting them through the wall somehow. Or even throwing some concusion grenade up the shaft you're supposed to fall down though I'd be damn surprised if that worked lol

26th May 2012, 11:02
I´m aiming for max EXP with all achievements. So, take down all enemies, double takedowns wherever possible, exploration bonusses ect.
Using explosives WILL kill the guy behind the wall, so no grenades.
You can lure away one of them by throwing a barrel, therefore making a noise. But then only one of them will investigate.
Also, I discovered something interesting, probably a bug: After I made that noise I ran to the breakable wall, to see if the guy behind it went away. He didn´t, BUT the other one didn´t came back either! Further testing: by throwing the barrel another time I was now able to lure away the first (the one directly behind the wall). Running back to the wall he wasn´t back, so I punched it. I think you know it already: nobody at home any more! Is this a known bug?? Patch exists?

1st Jun 2012, 00:50
Shooting the wall won't kill the guy behind it.

1st Jun 2012, 09:34
Yeah, noise will distract them and make them move away from the wall.

2nd Jun 2012, 19:28
my first wall I blew it & he was unconscious.

I think its random, so save first. :)

24th Jun 2012, 20:18
If the grenade explodes right next to the weak wall, the guy on the other side dies.

BUT if the grenade explodes away far enough, the wall will be destroyed and the guy on the other side will just be zzz.

1st Jul 2012, 13:19
There is a solution to secure double take down on guys behind the wall:
1. Go to the bottom of the shaft and place remotely detonated granade there
2. Get back to the wall and detonate grenade
3. Wait untill both guys go investigate (if there is explosion, they will both go)
4. Punch through wall when it's safe
x. Profit

That shouldn't even break your ghost, since nobody will see unconscious body (unlike in solution provided in above post).