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10th May 2012, 22:15
We all know that the overall series name is Legacy of Kain but the first game is called Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, it is from Soul Reaver onwards where the names all begin with LoK.
Unless I'm missing something the overall series was originally called Blood Omen and only the first game would have been about/starring Kain. Now I've never really liked the title Blood Omen as it does not seem to have a specific meaning, to me it's just generically vampiric. This may have been fine as an overall title for a series about vampires if the individual names were more specific (as LoK would have been to this first game). As it is though the whole series became the Legacy of Kain but the two games starring Kain ended up with a generic title that does not really mean anything.

What I want to know is
- Does anyone know more about the original purpose of the Blood Omen name, the direction the series was originally envisioned by Silicon Knights (they must have had series plans if they gave the first game a two part name). Maybe the second game would have been Blood Omen: Revenge of the Dollmaker/Rise of the Unspoken/Destiny of Bob.
- Am I missing something obvious about the term, something to do with that odd 'magical operation of maximum importance' speech perhaps? (I felt that this was generically random too.)
- With the advantage of hindsight, what would you think of as being a better title for Blood Omen 1/2. Legacy of Kain: -???-
- Has this already been discussed in an older thread?
- Am I going to be lynched by an outraged mob of Blood Omen purists for suggesting the name is anything less than awesome?

10th May 2012, 22:54
Denis Dyack referred (http://nosgoth.net/Blood_Omen/PSNinterview1.htm) to it as the "Blood Omen series" shortly after the release of the first game. Aside from Vorador, nobody knows what would've been in their vision of the second game, but I think Blincoln made informed speculation that Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness probably incorporated some of their ideas for a Blood Omen sequel, with the Tome of Eternal Darkness standing in as a thinly-veiled replacement for the Hash'ak'gik book in Avernus.

I don't think there's anything arcane about the name Blood Omen. It probably sounded nice to the game's marketers and nothing more. If it refers to anything specific, it's probably that "magical operation" speech (which is a real-world Aleister Crowley (http://hermetic.com/crowley/book-4/chap12.html) quotation, btw).

11th May 2012, 04:33
Well, the title makes sense. A portence of blood. Kain becomes a vampire, and feeds on blood, and there's a lot of slaughter in that game. After Kain changes, he ends up killing more and more, with no end to the death. Corlagon makes a good point about Eternal Darkness. I wonder if it would have been that book of Hash'ak'gik instead. I really wonder if the game would still have gone through lots of different eras of history, just of Nosgoth's instead of Earth's.

Also, it appears that Blood Omen originally was going to be called The Pillars of Nosgoth.