View Full Version : How to access items from the 2 DLCs

4th May 2012, 03:03
I got the Explosive Mission Pack and Tactical Enhancement Pack (PS3) earlier and I am not sure how to retrieve the items I should gain from the 2 DLCs. I'm currently playing the first mission in Milwaukee Junction, if that matters at all.

4th May 2012, 05:43
Start a new game or find the items during your playthrough.

15th Aug 2012, 04:33
find where?

15th Aug 2012, 06:51
I don't know the exact location, they're spread around the game if you don't retrieve them at the very begining.

15th Aug 2012, 20:18
Some items are dropped straight into your inventory at the beginning of the Milwaukee Junction mission, others are scattered around the game world in shops and lockers (hint/example: take a look around the basketball court in Detroit). Some are both dropped into the inventory and available around the world. At least one of the items is only available via a specific conversation with a important (plot-wise) character though, and that conversation is a significant portion of the way through the game.

If you did not see a pop-up at the beginning of the mission mentioning the bonus packs, then it's possible that they either did not install at all, or installed incorrectly. If you're on PC, then it should be easy to check this through Steam. I'm not familiar with how the systems work for 360 and PS3 (I'm a computer guy, sorry).

15th Aug 2012, 21:14
I had initially posted a reply here that the DLC, i.e Missing Link and the other 2 DLC packs did not work for PS3. I'm updating this because, well, it finally worked. Reason it didn't work before and is working now, is because I actually bought a brand new PS3 system (updated and thinner) and the DX augmented edition disc. After almost a 2-hour of downloading from the online Playstation store and installing into the harddrive with the updates to the game and system, it finally work for this new system.. BUT it had been an expensive purchase just to be able to get into the ML chapter. Imagine the cost of a whole system and the main DX disc for PS3, plus the cost of ML download. Yes, many of you will be thinking this guy is freakin crazy.. Haaa!, but it was worth it. I kinda figured my old console was quite a few years old anyways and is a good investment to get the new modernized and enhanced system. So yes, I am finally able to experience ML (on a 65-incher, I might add.) Aside from Burke's annoying ranting, it was badass and worth it. That dude is all talk.. what a wuss. Like I said before, Jensen is one bad man!

25th Aug 2012, 08:53
Some items are dropped straight into your inventory at the beginning of the Milwaukee Junction mission.

Oh, so that's when they pop up? Thanks for that, I was worried when my items didn't show up when I restarted and walked into Sarif

25th Aug 2012, 16:41
It was nice to get those in the inventory going in Sarif plant. If you're a shooter, it's a field day. You don't really need any hardware weapons get through the plant mission and take out all the Humanity Front guys. My weapon of choice for this game, when I use it, is the crossbow because it is pretty much silence and deadly without needing much upgrade like the other weapons. Thinking the silenced sniper rifle would bring silent kills to a whole new level to this game, I was duly disappointed. Though it look very cool, it doesn't give quite the one shot, one kill I was looking for. It is very disappointing that the scope is offlined. You aim perfectly at the head, but it shoots the body instead. For long range using the scope, just forget it. The reticle laser sight is much better, but don't know if it is glitch, but you don't always get the one shot head kill and will cause your target to get hostile. I gave up on the silenced sniper rifle and mostly sell it to the dealers for quick good cash. Most of the other tactical enhancements and add-on weapons and tools, I found throughout in rooms and hidden places.

I enjoy the add-on Tong's son rescue mission. So, for those are wondering why we never get ghost for reaching Tong at the Harvester's hideout mission.. then here it is. You get ghost for the follow-on after rescuing Tong's son undetected and no alarm.