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20th Apr 2012, 18:43
Well it's been forever since I last posted in here but I did want to stop by and leave some thoughts, with anyone who cares to read them, now that I'm starting to play the game for the first time.

FIRST - I think the game is great, very DX reminiscent and just really well done. You can tell they put a lot of effort into making the game and even though it has it's flaws (and doesn't it just lol) it's still well deserved of the high ratings the game gets.

SECOND - There are some pretty major flaws in here that I think really do let down what could have been a stellar release. Namely, the AI.

In the very first mission, I loved the fact that when I went to ground behind a crate, the enemy gave covering fire and either tried to flank me or flush me from cover with a stun grenade. This was exceptional and really gave me an adrenalin rush.

Later on, however, I'm starting to see some of the flaws and breaks that make it a little disappointing. Such as my punching a police officer in the face for following me. A camera tripped the alarm and his friends came running. They didn't see me hiding in the office of the coroner who had fled in panic to trip an alarm, nor did they see his unconscious form lying sprawled on his office floor - yet they really should have since they were staring through a window and not a wall.

Remember the cop that I decked? He also greeted me friendly enough after the alarm level had died down - now that is extremely disappointing. When I punch a person in the face - I want them to really remember me :)

All around - great game - some flaws and things I would have done differently (such as labeling the map correctly - how am I supposed to find Jenny, walk around and read street signs all day? Forget about it!), but overall, a worthy successor of the original.

Thanks for letting me share!


20th Apr 2012, 19:07
Sorry - forgot to add some other AI items.

1- at the start of the game when Barret walked into the room to shoot that poor scientist - I skipped the action and went straight to the vent to crawl through to where Barret had been. I found him sunk into the floor up to his waist with his arms stretched out wide. I emptied a few rounds into his head before reloading :)

2 - I tranqued a guy on the stairs, he fell over. Gurad rushed into to find out went wrong, tranqued him too. And the same for guards numbered three through five. Really - it was exactly like shooting ducks in a row - one after the other as they ran in without scanning their environment.

Anyone else experience any of this?

Smoke Screen
28th Aug 2012, 17:36
Well,the NPC "AI" is realy dumb. But name a competitior to DXHR who has a better "AI".
The thing is "AI" is never high on the developing list and since ages the "AI" mostly is freakin
dumb in fps and related games,despite some nice PR sayings that game x has a advanced
"AI". Its not there. As simple as that. Its just advertisement-BS.
On the other side,especially for PCs,it would be possible to implement way better NPC "AI"
because the hardware power necessary is meanwhile mainstream,but since developers broadly
turned over to crossplatformdevelopment thats out of the question for the forseeable future.
So consequently the power is used up for gfx as usual.