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10th Apr 2012, 02:27
Hi o

Names Romire, longtime player,

First off, i love this freaking game its so fugging amazing like you wouldnt belive!

Now i have a request to make, ive read 6 ingame newspaper articles regarding Australia and how we're in a state of civil war.

First off id like to know how it happened (lol) secondly, can there be a DLC content for it where Jensen is called in to help out to quel the unrest?

Anyways thanks for reading :)

10th Apr 2012, 07:49
Welcome to the forum.

You should find some answers here. Spoiler alert if you haven't yet read Mr Swallow's book "The Icarus Effect". :)


10th Apr 2012, 20:38
Would be cool as part of a sequel or a multiplayer element.