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5th Apr 2012, 13:59

Deus Ex augmented reality glasses!!


5th Apr 2012, 15:37
Rad. Now this is a technology to look forward to.

You may commence moaning/eye-rolling at once.

5th Apr 2012, 19:41
Sweet. A real-life HUD. If it were customizable with apps then you could personalize it and have a constant update on things like 'serotonin-level' and 'wakefulness' or maybe 'BAC' and 'proximity alertness' or a 'range-finder' to certain objects, places, or people.

5th Apr 2012, 20:25
I MUST have a pair!

5th Apr 2012, 20:37
Woah! Sweet!
My instant reaction was to drool. :D

5th Apr 2012, 21:32
They could be really cool, but I'm not keen on the way they pitch them as glasses that do the thinking for you. I'd want a pair anyway! Lots of potential.

5th Apr 2012, 23:14
If I get a pair, I'm going to refer to it as the infolink.

Agent Denton
6th Apr 2012, 00:16

Deus Ex augmented reality glasses!!


You are a GD liar!

In all version of DX where the main characters wore glasses, they were not as ***gy looking in design as Google's version. They will need to streamline the design to be like Adam's or JC's glasses for my buy in.

No way in hell would I walk around wearing such a ridiculous looking apparatus on my head. I don't give two ****s if my GF could feed video stream of her naked into my lenses. Still not enough with the way they look in their current form to merit my money.

6th Apr 2012, 00:45
My head exploded! The future is now!

6th Apr 2012, 01:33
Like the first person in the comments section stated, "Well, look at it this way. It will help thin the herd."

m G h m u o s
6th Apr 2012, 07:11
Well I'm far sighted so that won't work for me. XD

6th Apr 2012, 09:52

9th Apr 2012, 19:19
I'll wait a year and a half until I can replace my eyes with them.

9th Apr 2012, 19:56
I'm very excited, but I think I'll wait until someone other than Google comes up with a pair.

Or a retractable model.


11th Apr 2012, 14:08
Anyone had any experiences with 3-D glasses in gaming before? I have. The biggest problem with 3D glasses(in gaming) is not in the technology, but is with inherency.

Everything looks great. Lush outdoors, intense indoors, awesome. But the problem is the Heads Up Display. HUD stuff on your gaming screen(lives, gun ammo, etc) is right at your face, so while you're looking at mountains, the HUD is completely unfocused. To look at your HUD, you have to re-focus your eyes which blurs your mountains.

This means trouble, because you want to look at your health and stuff while shooting at your enemies at the same time, which is not possible.

I hope they came up with some technology to tackle this problem, but I really can't think of how yet(other than making the game completely without hud).

11th Apr 2012, 15:15
Yeah, I know the feeling.

I actually think that 3D DONE RIGHT will be an important step in the evolution of gaming at some point.

So what do I mean by done right? I mean a movement tracking headset with built-in screens for each eye and preferably also a headset.

Personally, I strongly dislike "gimmicks". By gimmicks I mean the kinds of technology that really don't improve FUNCTION, but they just make things look "cool".

I think that 3D technology in gaming only has a chance to survive if it is done EXTREMELY well- that is, in an intuitive and useful way.

I picture something like the Sony HMZ-T1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJPhV75vN9s) mixed with the TrackIR-5 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wXx3vMy_AQ)

These two should only control HEAD movement, not your aim. That's another thing too- I think it should become a norm in games to seperate aim and head movement- like Arma does. Aim can still be controlled via the mouse. You just sit in front of a screen, and move your head around. This would feel basically like your head is actually INSIDE the screen, looking around in the game world and having true 3D image and sound reflected on your eyes and ears, which the rest of your body is still in your room, controlling the keyboard or mouse or gamepad or whatever.

12th Apr 2012, 12:08
If they want a way to make 3d gaming possible without extreme performance loss I might try it sometime.

m G h m u o s
12th Apr 2012, 12:52
There was an interesting idea about using a certain type of 3D, the chunky ones with a chip actually inside the glasses to alternate images like a shutter, to implement into split-screen games. So basically you could have two people looking at the same screen but seeing two different images/character perspectives.

Sounds awesome right lol? The only problem is the fact that theres a huge percentage of people who have problems with 3D, headaches and other stuff.

I for one have it pretty bad, though I've still watched my fair share of 3D films. The worst I had was Tron 3D when I literally couldn't sleep because of a crazy ass headaches o.o

12th Apr 2012, 18:28
I think that 3D technology in gaming only has a chance to survive if it is done EXTREMELY well- that is, in an intuitive and useful way.

Really? Everybody and their mothers are falling all over themselves to see terrible movies in 3D and you think that there's any way that it's survivability is in question in gaming of all places, where it already does far more good than in the film industry?

12th Apr 2012, 18:36
I used the wrong word there. You're right- it'll survive no matter what alright. I should've said "thrive" instead.

12th Apr 2012, 21:08
Good point, mGhmuos. It just occurred to me these would have to be prescription glasses...:D

13th Apr 2012, 22:20

13th Apr 2012, 22:25
This makes me think of the parody "eyePhone" from Futurama.

26th Apr 2012, 06:18
Now I can come up with lame excuses that end with,"...my vision is augmented"

26th Apr 2012, 21:41
You can still do that with regular sunglasses, however, no one will get the reference just the same.

26th Apr 2012, 22:51
All I can think of is spam and ****ty publicity campaigns. That will get annoying ever so quickly. I can see the personalised Google ads a mile away. Some pop up telling me there is a franchise of my favorite pizza place two blocks from here.

This is why we can't have nice things!

27th Apr 2012, 06:03
Yeah, I know the feeling. I just hope someone other than Google will step in and be the hero Gotham deserves.

The thing I'd prefer is having separate companies produce these AR goggles and letting users choose third party OS or apps for them to their liking.

Just imagine, say, AR Googles running Firefox Mobile! Privacy all you want, with the user base creating their own clouds, add-ons, fixing bugs, etc. Just pay for the device itself and the software can be free as in freedom! ;)

It will eventually happen for sure, the question is how long will it take.