View Full Version : Please add an optional 3rd person camera in DE:HR sequel.

1st Apr 2012, 01:41
I have created another thread for this, because even though I changed the name in the previous one it doesn't show, and it is really misleading. :(

If in the sequel Eidos adds an optional full (always) 3rd person view in the game, and not only while taking cover, I think it would be really amazing for many more players out there :D

I am just saying that it should be optional. Obviously the focus of the game development in the sequel will be towards FPS, but if the developers can add a 3rd person camera, I and many gamers out there would be very grateful..... really.

Lots of people prefer 1st person view, I know that; and also I know the fact that previous Deus Ex games have only been in first person; but if Eidos adds this (3rd person) as an option it will capture the attention of many more gamers, thus getting better sales worthier of their hard work.

I am not saying at all that they should sacrifice the integrity of the game in order to get more money (COD); I am just saying that if they add this option to an already magnificent game it would be beneficial for them and for the gamers. They get more money, and we get more sequels of a terrific franchise.

Make it optional, just like in other RPGs (like the Elder Scrolls), if some people prefers to play in first person view let them do it, but if other prefer to play in a 3rd person view, you should let them too.

The fact that this game is a "stealth RPG" in 1st person view, almost made me and a lot of more gamers not to buy the game. The game is fantastic but if you want to have more buyers like the ones who play METAL GEAR (like me) or even Splinter Cell; you should implement a 3rd person mode. But optional, so the players can have a choice.

This game is EPIC, with awesome story and great gameplay, and I think that if you add this mode it can top or even surpass the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I know the MGS is not an RPG, but talking about stealth games, it is one of the best games ever.

If Eidos makes a sequel without the optional 3rd person camera I will still buy it, but I think that by doing that, Eidos/SE would waste a one of a kind opportunity (more userbase, more potential sales, and more sequels for the fans xD), by doing so.

I hope the developers read this :wave: