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31st Mar 2012, 22:47
Greetings fellow forumates. I am thinking about making a half hour short film about Anna Navarre.

Born in Russia, trained as a commando by the Israeli army, Anna Navarre is your old-fashioned cold-blooded killer. If she were crazy she'd be a homicidal maniac, but she's not. She's very in control, and only kills under orders... or if the situation warrants it. She has no sense of humor, and no concept for "forgive and forget." Anyone who so much as accidentally scratches her with a combat knife has got a life expectancy suddenly measured in seconds. Don't get the idea that Anna has a temper, though. She's always happy when she shoots someone. UNATCO relies on her in situations that are likely to become a major gunfight, or on missions where unflinching ruthlessness is required.
Unlike many of the mechanically-enhanced agents, Anna has no fear of a "shelf-date." She was one of UNATCO's top agents before she was "enchanced," and she considers her augmentations to be just that: something that augments her abilities, not something that she needs to do the job. She plans her rise to power to be ongoing and unstoppable.

I am a Deus Ex guru, with a very talented skeleton crew, people who can make augmentations look good on camera, people who study direction, and of course the perfect Anna Navarre.

When i first met her, i seriously thought i was going mad, Deus ex was comming alive right before my eyes. I knew i had to make a movie with her.

The film will have as little CGI as possible, and while i like the rule of cool, i will not let it rule the movie.

So i am asking you, what would you like to see in a short movie about Navarre? What would be cool? What part of her character would you like to see explored? What conspirecies would you like to see on camera? What do you think about Navarre using Agent 47 tactics (pretending to be someone else, fast-talking through obstacles, using sex appeal etc) to get close to the target before the stealth/shooting begins. Do you see Gunther in that movie?

31st Mar 2012, 23:10
Keep the action subtle. There's nothing more agonizing to sit through than a John Woo-esque fanwank short.

31st Mar 2012, 23:14
No worries about that, i am not planing on shooting Rambo 5!

1st Apr 2012, 01:29
I know Hollywood is doing it weekly these days, but I'd still like an origin story of Anna. As for tactics and whatnot, that should be a choice of the director, do what you want and have fun with it! As for your final question, personal taste, and I recognize it wont be the popular opinion, but no, I wouldn't want to see Gunther in it (Unless it was just at the very tail end). It's Anna's story, and I think it should stay that way. Sharing the spotlight would diminish that slightly.

Something else I'd recommend, personally, is not being afraid to alter her appearance and modernize it. Deus Ex was limited by processing power, and as a result she looks almost comical. Don't be afraid to shape her in your own way.

1st Apr 2012, 06:05
As someone else who's also -very slowly- working on a Deus Ex short film, I can tell you that one thing that's really awesome is when we can SUBTLY see some of the other characters or events set in the Deus Ex timeline. So for instance in my film, there is a scene where the characters hear the news on the radio about the developments in the Mexicantown Massacre case; and there are a few nods to the classic Deus Ex memes, for instance we shot a scene where someone says something along the lines of, "hey check out the legs on her! What a bomb!" to which the other character responds, thoughtfully, "A bomb..." Changing up the pacing and setting of the memes like that are VERY fun to do, and if you shoot the film well your audience will appreciate it a lot.

Overall, I say you just need to know your Deus Ex universe well to keep people from wanting to kill you for getting Manderley's age incorrect or something, you need to reflect the cyberpunk tone well, and you need to make the audience really feel that this is the same world as the games, so have some events and characters from the games at least mentioned in it. I also absolutely agree with Romeo that you shouldn't be afraid of changing her appearance a bit if you want, for the same reason.

I would love to see something set in the times when she was first augmented- it would be awesome to see how she initially responds to the augments, how they change the way she plans and executes her hits- that, and I want to see her meet Gunther.

Good luck!

1st Apr 2012, 13:45
Oh, i would hunt down and kill myself if i got Manderley's age wrong. I am a sucker for detail.

I think i will use her original look. I would be doing a disservice to my excellent make up artist if i didn't. I think she can pull it off perfectly. She has a knack for gory effects and the way that the metal is grafter to the skin in the original is going to be very fun for her.

Got some good advice from you so far. Looking forward for more!