View Full Version : Music with Deus Ex Influences

31st Mar 2012, 12:49
Today I found this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN1tmdxIMz4

I believe this is the first time in history someone actually used voice samples from original Deus Ex in a music track(and please do correct me If I'm mistaken).
So, because of this, I'm starting a thread where you can share all the music imbued with DX magic.

btw. I don't mean DX-like music. I mean tracks with DX content/samples in them(also remixes).

10th Apr 2012, 17:45
Nay bad.

10th Apr 2012, 20:36
One word... Jerion. (http://jerion.bandcamp.com/)

Ok well, I did not see your final sentence then, but it's close enough.

It's fairly easy to find remixes of tracks on Youtube.

12th Apr 2012, 12:55
Of course there is this song with quotes from Deus Ex..