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29th Mar 2012, 17:42
Hey guys am be looking around lately and noticed that there isnt a really a collectors edition for Hitman Absolution and am wondering why? i have some suggestions so just bear with me.

Do a limited edition like Dues Ex ?
-Exclusive Box Design (Hitman title over top maybe 47's face half seen shadows cover the rest?)


-Game and a 45 min video of making Hitman absolution,
-Game soundtrack
-Additional content? (DLC?)
-Art book

Here are my additional ideas

-Personal letter to 47 saying Welcome back agent or something along those lines?
-Hitman's Tie clip ?
-47's Pet bird feather? fake feather of course (Blood Money references?)
-Bullet from 47's custom Silverballer?
-A Note from a victim/fan/stalker/investigator/Follower/reporter/anyone related to the game written about 47 with blood stains? or blood drips like a coffee drips?
-Small wall paper of 47 1280 x 1240 paper not digital
-Paper work like from Splinter cell double agent only all hitman

Well thats all i can think off you guys if you have anymore ideas post :cool:

2nd Apr 2012, 19:51
I like all of your ideas, but the Personal letter to 47 I really liked maybe throw in the bullet in with the letter, I would have the letter framed in a heart beat, The tie clip
I liked as well but I would like to see a tie with that tie clip, and to wrap this all up nicely have the collectors case be a copy of 47's briefcase.

3rd Apr 2012, 00:42
I really want the briefcase to be the case! Then maybe for the the actual game box have a steelbook with a popout red tie, have the case designed like 47's suit with the tie hanging down. (Like the LBP2 steelbook its designed like sackboy and has a zip in the center.) I dont really care for soundtracks or anything like that as honestly i will never sit and listen to it..

3rd Apr 2012, 04:59
what about a hitman game-movie... that follows each story from each game in order and puts them into a nice story for us to watch... use game scenes with some actual game play... doesn't have to be super long... but the longer the better.. 1 hour maybe?!?! i would love to see that.. plus it would be awesome for people who aren't caught up 100% of the way with the whole story of hitman :flowers:

keyychaaiin - would be sweet
maybe make it a fiber wire type key ring..
something like thissss maybe

i wouldnt make it a bullet.. because of xray scanners... at airports and state buildings...

as a bartender i would like a 'hitman' wine key - or bottle opener or something

some stickers.... of the dualies and some other bad ass stuff.. yes stickers were cool in 1st grade and they will forever be cool

letter opener :) you could have a bit of fun with that

or a refillable pen :)

lockkk picckkkkk !! ohh please give me a lock pick :nut:

i like cool stuff that we can use... don't put like a bobble head of hitman or something weird like that in it... yeaa 47 is awesome.. but im not dwight shrute ya know ;)

each box could contain a user name and password to some 'extra' mission or somethin' sweet

socks.. hitman socks would be awesome.. like those big comfy christmas socks.. but hitman stylleee ... :naughty:

i like the suitcase idea.. make it a number lock... passcode.. 047 :cool:

include the hitman movie

the coin or something identifiable from Absolution

yeaaa... all that stuff :thumb:

awesome :wave:

6th Apr 2012, 06:02
- Agent 47's briefcase.
- Binoculars
- Gloves
- Something else like those above

8th Apr 2012, 17:26
ya i think the letter is really cool you open the black chrome case and the letter is the first thing you see that would awesome

2nd Jun 2012, 02:01

2nd Jun 2012, 20:31
I know this is a relatively dead idea, but I would LOVE to see a Limited Collector's Edition that's 47's briefcase with the game inside and a boatload of goodies. Either behind the scenes artwork, signed artwork, or specialized DLC or something along those lines. Sure it can be released a couple weeks or on launch day to others but I just have a feeling something like this would be something I would just throw my money at IO for.

2nd Jun 2012, 20:49
I would enjoy most of these (especially the briefcase) and I would have no problem throwing down $100 for this. When its a special edition that is actually awesome, I have no problem spending the cash. Case in point, the Borderlands 2 chest edition

13th Jun 2012, 19:28
Hitman Absolution Collector's Edition:
- Game;
- Making of;
- Hitman statue (?);
- Game Soundtrack;
- Poster;
- Bullet Keychain;
That will be a B@DA$$ C.E.!
EDIT: Maybe not a 47 statue, because we get the Play Arts Kai figure (^_^)
Maybe a gun, or a cool Red (47-like) Tie... http://rlv.zcache.com/hitman_tie-p151850328210169460z8jpz_400.jpg