View Full Version : Zoom in and out for hacking minigames

25th Mar 2012, 02:05
I'm playing on a PC, and I am still trying to learn how to hack. One of my problem is that when it open up, it bigger than the screen size so that I have to constantly scroll around looking for the next active node. Can someone please tell me if there is a way to zoom out so that it would shrink to fit on the screen? What is the key on the pc for that? It's not shown in the hacking tutorials. I tried the control +scroll wheel, mouse wheel. Nothing works. If there is a thread for this question, please direct me to it or advice. Much appreciate for any info.


25th Mar 2012, 06:26
I'm 100% sure that it is that mouse wheel that's responsible for zooming in and out while hacking. To be honest I had similar problem to yours once while playing Syndicate and I was unable to switch my weapons. I thought that my mouse finally broke down (after those 10 years of hardcore playing :nut: ) but after sort of cleaning it it works till today. So just check your wheel outside of the game, clean it a bit, try out with different mouse if necessary, cuz I'm pretty sure that's the problem.

P.S. That action can't be bound nor unbound in the game menu. Mouse scroll for zooming while hacking is by default there.

25th Mar 2012, 06:33
there are two levels of zoom, you just scroll with the mouse wheel.