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24th Mar 2012, 16:38
I think that most people will agree that augments are somewhat an icon of this game - they might not be MOST but still they're VERY important to the series.
There's an idea I came up with while playing Human Revolutions. Energy bar system (which seriously dissapointed me) should be replaced with strain on the brain in my opinion. This would enable you to turn on fixed amount of augments - making it strategical to pick which ones should be 'on' all the time and which ones should be turned 'off' during combat just to be replaced by other ones. It would give player freedom to choose which augments they want to assign to 4 fixed slots (turned on/off by the same buttons responsible for augments in the last Deus Ex), and we'll get very elastic yet fluent combat improvement. Easy to learn - hard to master as they say.
Let me show how it COULD look.

Arm Augments
Cybernetic Arms Prosthesis
"buying" this with praxis kits will allow player to pick up heavier objects, if turned on it'll put a strain on the brain, constantly reserving 10 energy for it's proper use. If the player decides to furtherly improve his strenght with decreased weapon recoil it'll add another 5 energy strain, making it total 20 energy now. There should be 2 instead of 3 inventory upgrades - each one (in addition to bigger inventory size) adds another 5 energy strain making it 30 energy in total now. You can add Aiming Motion Control (the one responsible for accuracy) here, which obviously should add minor strain as well. Also there shouldn't be an augment that allows you to take down an opponent from blank range but in my opinion ability to take down opponents should be 'free', use of it shouldn't though (I'll get to this later cuz it needs more explanation)

Torso Augments
Energy Converter
Hell - I suppose this one should be one of most important augs so it should be most expensive to improve as well. Generally it should be passice all the time and each and every upgrade should add additional energy strain for player to use. Let's say 3 upgrades, each giving 10 energy above standard 100.

Health Regeneration
free... well maybe not exactly. Basically this one should be passive. The more energy player leaves unused the faster he regenerates health. For example if he has 70 energy strain (leaving him 30 unused and he has max 100 energy) then his health regeneration should be at 30% efficiency.

Ammo to this one was supposed to be rare, expensive and all but... it made the game too easy anyway. 3 praxis kits for augment that takes down everyone around you including security bots? for ONE AMMO? I didn't even used half of what I found in game. C'mon. Remove it - grenades, mines and bazooka are enough in my opinion. Usage of those makes every bot, and thus the game as well, more challening. Therefore every fight with a bot will be memorable. Instead of Typhoon add something similar to agresive defense system from Deus Ex 1. 20 energy strain for an aug that disarms mines and grenades thrown at you. The aug would have 5 (10 with upgrade) meters effective range around you. Another 5 energy strain (with another upgrade) and you're able to prematurelly detonate rockets fired at you as well. It's cool as hell.

Eye Augmentations
Smart Vision and Retinal Prosthesis seem kinda balanced. Just need to balance the amount of energy it consumes. Let's say - 5 Energy strain for Retinal Hud, another 5 if we upgrade it with Flash Supressant. Smart Vision is smart Vision - nothing to add except let's say... 20 energy strain. Upgrade to this one should include Mark&Track - which will show us enemies locations and allow us to see them through walls at the same time for additional 5 energy strain.

Icarus Landing System
Leav it as it is. Just considering it's rare ueasage give 10 energy strain, and another 5 with an upgrade that allows you to stun nearby enemies upon landing. (the wave should not only stun them but throw aside as well)

Skin Augments
Dermal Armor
I think it should have a high initial energy strain. Around 40-50 I think. Player should feel that without this turned 'on' he's vulnerable as hell. Each upgrade should add 5 energy strain extra. I think it should be very hard for player to have both Dermal Armor and Cloaking turned on at the same time unless he's really advanced (in the later of the game) or willing to practically sacrifice nearly all health regeneration and have most/all other augs/systems turned off as well.

HUGE amount of initial energy - though every upgrade put into this should decrease the actual energy drain. For example 60-80 at the beginning and minus 5 (-15 in total) for every praxis kit spent here. Cloaking should also overheat in turned 'on' state. The more/faster you move the faster it overheats - while on the other hand standing still would allow it to cool down. Cooling would drain all the energy that's not allocated at the moment making it impossible for healt regen to kick in. Also the more unused energy player has while cloak is turned on the more efficient cooling is - either allowing for more movement while cloaked, or for faster cooling while remaining still. Lastly - being in front of enemy and within his line of sight should randomly expose you. Not turn your invisibility off but force the npc to check the area (and shoot through the air if necessary). Hell, add a chance for him to miss as well, due to his bad judgement of where you might be. Later if missed he would comment something about imagining things and being too jumpy cause of tension or something. This would bring the stealth aspects of the game towards the ones in Batman - which were sort of perfect. Cloak aug, Cybernethic Leg Prosthesis Aug and Smart Vision would take this aspect of the game to a whole new level in my opinion if executed properly.

Legs Augments
Cybernethic Leg Prosthesis
Ok - Initial energy strain should be around 10 and would allow to sprint faster. Another plus 5 with an upgrade for being able to jump higher and another 5 for being silent running and landing from any height. Sprinting hovewer would make you always noticable (NOT visible) rendering enemies suspicious of your presence. And thus encouraging them to check the surrounding area.

Cranium (Head) Augmentations
ekhm... NO idea why the decision to separate hacking turret or bots from 'normal' hacking - I think those options should be allowed as long as your hacking software is upgraded enough and you managed to crack the panel. Instead add a different upgrade. One that allows you to
1) Hack Wireless at a distance (how cool can that be? - Imagine a computer in a room with 3 guards inside, you turn your smart vision on and target it through the wall, then using one of "option" buttons you lock the doors and gas the room, sabotage a nearby electronic device forcing it to blow up and etc)
2) With Wireless Hack upgrade bought how about we could hack bots/turrets directly as well? (for example, you're fighting on a rather big courtyard, suddenly a chopper appears with a military bot. Then you hide for a moment, turn invisible and while enemies are looking for you, you're hacking their robot as long as you manage to keep it in your wireless hacking range. Then it starts to attack soldiers instead of you and - sounds cool? It is)

Ah... forgot to mention Reflex Booster
First of all the instant takedown in Human Revolutions ... was a fail in my opinion. Instead of stopping time around the player, at the cost of energy, while he executes his takedown, make the takedown a energy free action but also let the time flow normally. Making it challenging to actually bring someone down cuz you'll get exposed at that time. Both stun and deadly takedown should be silent ones.
Ok - that was about takedowns themselves. Now back to the Reflex Booster aug.
Did any of the devs saw "The One" Movie starring Jet Li? If no - I Encourage you: DO SO. Add similar effect to this aug. It'll look ubercool. It should have minor energy strain since the use will be contextual and rather rare. While turned on the player should be able to move a LOT faster while performing takedowns making it look as if time slowed down by 50% around (instead of stopping it) and also he should be able to perform dual takedowns now. Make the animations look similar to the ones in the movie I recomended for both single and dual takedowns while Reflex Booster is turned on and it'll look as cool as it can get.

Player should have the freedom to bind any augment combination (as long as it fits within the energy limit) to one of 4 buttons used for Cloak, Typhoon, Silent Movement and Smart Vision in Human Revolutions. For faster use. This would allow us to make aug combinations designed for stealthy aproach, simple exploration, heavy fighting or whatever. There should also be to open augmentation menu (with paused game) and turn them on one by one. Ah... would forget another thing - also leave us the choice to choose which upgrades of augments do we want to have turned on and which we don't (even though we bought the upgrade).
For example - during heavy fight I might want to have my balistic armor turned on, but not maxed - let's say I might want it to 'eat' away only 45 of my overall energy with 30% damage reduction even though I have the upgrade for 45%. Then I can turn my Cybernethic Leg Prosthesis with sprint and jump upgrade - another 15 energy and Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis to reduce my weapon recoil that strains another 20 energy, leaving me with 40 energy unused out of my 120 max (cuz I have second tier of Energy Converter). That would mean my health regen at this point is working with 40% efficiency.

Ow... and removing exp for hacking and every kill from the game would be nice. I'd rather see exp for completing quests and exploring only. This will help to keep the game balanced and give the player a feeling he isn't missing any exp just cause he's killing (or not sparing) enemies different way. In other words running through the game and using takedowns as often as possible just to get more experience points, and hacking computers instead of typing in found passwords/codes for the same reason felt ... weird. Cuz if I did it other way I would feel my character might have that one, two, eventually more praxis kits fewer in the end.

Ok - this turned out to be an essay... At the very end I'd like to say I'm a big fan of the series. I love Deus Ex from the bottom of my heart. It was the very first game I bought with my own money for my first computer back in the days. Most of us gamers thought that Human Revolutions is a great game but at the same time something was missing. That said I tried to put my need for further improvement into words. The system I introduced propably isn't balanced and all but I just wanted to show the overall "feeling" behind my idea. I can only hope that one of devs will read this and implement this in continuation of the series. (I'm a realist so I doubt it :rolleyes:)
If YOU managed to read this all... thank you.

24th Mar 2012, 18:08
Interesting ideas, to be fair.