View Full Version : COMPETITION: Another Chance to Win Signed Hitman Artwork!

23rd Mar 2012, 14:33
That's right!

The Hitman community made the first competition such a success and we received so many offers of money, cars and boats for the chance of getting a signed poster that we've decided to put another one up for grabs. (Unfortunately, we were forced to reject the bribes!)

The second poster is being given away on the Barcode Society and all you need to do to be in with a chance is answer a simple question.

After that, we'll pick a winner and send out the prize. Why make things complicated?

Click here to enter the competition! (http://www.barcode-society.com/weblog/win-hitman-art-2)

23rd Mar 2012, 22:48
...we received so many offers of money, cars and boats ... (Unfortunately, we were forced to reject the bribes!)
It is not bribes, it is good bids!

11th Apr 2012, 07:25
First off great to see you guys. I am around the forums a lot but don't always post. I am legally blind so please forgive any misspelled words. I am using my IPod right now so it's hard to type. ( my computer keeps over heating so I had to use this). Sucks too because I am a graphic desIgner and I one day hope to work for a video game. I've done some fan art before but I thought I would add mine.

Can't wait to start killing more contracts in Absolution. Been playing bloodmoney until then.

Sorry I can't open my files right noe but here is a link to my hitman art- hope you look at some more art of mine too. Enjoy guys and taKe care ( got a cold coming on gotta sleep).


Tried making it in my own little unique way.