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22nd Mar 2012, 10:54
I'm a painter, and am currently a third year fine arts student at university. When I first saw the "black and gold" visual style of Human Revolution, I loved it immediately. Rembrandt has always been my favorite painter, and the black-gold is one of my favorite palette combinations of all time.

What's more, the city I live in, Istanbul, has had this extremely profound yellow-tinted lighting throughout the city for the last 4 or 5 years. It's so strong, that even most lighting professionals design private buildings to blend in with the theme, otherwise it looks ugly. A few people complained to the government about toning down the color a little bit, but well, let's just say "corporations are not stronger than the government" around here.

Perhaps the thing that hit me the strongest in HR was how close the world looked to ours. Anyway, after playing the game many times and going crazy taking screenshots of everything, I decided to go out and do some photography of what I think looks pretty reminiscent of HR's visual style.

I took this picture yesterday with my phone while on the move, so it's pretty bad, but it gives you a sense of what I have in mind. The picture is not edited in any way, this is exactly what you see with your naked eye.


I'm thinking about doing a little series of pictures like this that sort of reinforce the bridge between our 2012 and Eidos Montreal's 2027. Would you guys be interested in seeing more of this stuff?

22nd Mar 2012, 13:08
Yes!!! And here's some more material if you haven't seen this thread already (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=111149&highlight=city+black+gold).

Istanbul...not Constantinople?

22nd Mar 2012, 13:38
Here's a few black and gold snaps from Paris a couple of years ago.





22nd Mar 2012, 16:02

The year is 2027...