View Full Version : faction items glitch - not getting saved

21st Mar 2012, 17:19
I am getting this problem after completing 79% game.
Whenever i try to collect faction item, it is showing chaos points but not getting saved.
Blue dots still remain on the map and if i come after some time the item is still present.
Kindly help. Its an original game from steam with entire DLC. I am also using black market mod, started using this when game is at 30% and no issues except this faction item glitch when game is at 79%.

22nd Mar 2012, 04:50
Weird... Don't know what to tell you man. I've never heard if this problem. Immediqtely after our collect one, does it record it in the statistics showing how many faction items you've collected? Because I doubt it would say you gained a number but then lost it...

22nd Mar 2012, 13:48
Nope. its not getting registered. there are old numbers in the statistics not getting incremented at all.

22nd Mar 2012, 17:26
issue resolved. might be some problem with windows 8 consumer preview. After restarting machine its working fine.