View Full Version : Not as good as original, but Couldnt ask for a better Deus Ex game

15th Mar 2012, 01:32
Hello everyone. I have to say that while HR wasn't as quite as good as X1, it was pretty damn good and kinda close. I don't think ANY developer could have made a better DX game in this day and age really, I cant trust Ion storm to make a good videogame (if they were still around) let a good DX game anymore after that piece of crap IW. Eidos Montreal managed to capture the elements of what made DX amazing (except the boss fights, Gunther, Simons, and Navarre were better "bosses") which would be the insane amounts of choice. sure HR isn't as complex as the original (no door str, lockpicks, multitools, no melee weapons etc) but its MUCH better than IW.

Just gotta say, thank you EM for bringing this franchise back with an amazing game (HR is my personal GOTY 2011)!