View Full Version : Knocking out thugs and taking their stuff?

13th Mar 2012, 23:12
Can I knockout the thugs on the streets and take their stuff, without any game problems?

13th Mar 2012, 23:16
I never tried it but I bet you can.

14th Mar 2012, 00:08
Not sure why you'd want to, most of them don't really carry anything except the odd one or two carrying some ammo.

14th Mar 2012, 18:26
They're BAD PEOPLE and they deserve to be PUNISHED.

Locutus of BORG
17th Mar 2012, 21:26
You can go on a murderous rampage if you want, but the game doesn't give much incentive to do so though. You will make a net loss in used ammo & equipment.

18th Mar 2012, 03:41
I did it. Just don't get spoted and take care that the city spaces have a lot of dead ends where you can get trapped between a wall and bullets.