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10th May 2014, 02:34
I've been an avid Square/Enix fan since Final Fantasy 3 (6 for Japanese version) for the Nintendo. But I have a question for Square/Enix regarding your games...

Why do you utilize the number 27 so frequently? I haven't played EVERY game you make, but EVERY game I HAVE played uses this number frequently. Is there a significance to this?

...and mind you... I see this number repeated throughout television and movies as well...

10th May 2014, 04:39
Let us bring up some examples, shall we?
Tetsuya Nomura turned 27 years old the same year FFVII was released. Moreover, Vincent Valentine (FFVII), Laguna Loire (FFVIII) and Vayne Carudas Solidor (FFXII) are all that age, too.

14th May 2014, 06:02
In FF7, you'll see the number 2-3 times in the background. There's a huge 27 on the floor (maybe it's the flight deck)somewhere (I truly shoulda took pictures). You also see it again when coming across one of the Mako Reactors (I believe it's either on a building or a sign behind the reactor itself). I don't know some of the details such as the age as you've mentioned. I seem to notice it in the background a lot though. During battles, you'll see the damage number pop up, right? I see the number 27 as a part of that very frequently.

It's prevalent throughout the Deus Ex series, with the latest batches being FAR more frequent than ever. In DX:HR (Director's Cut as well), the VERY long funicular (elevator) ride down to the last areas, counts all the way to 30 or 31, but the floor number 27, is skipped completely. The year, for the DXHR world, is 2027. There's several numbers located within the e-mails you can 'hack' in the game. You'll see the number in various places in the background everywhere (if gamer's would take the time to investigate).

In the newest Tomb Raider, you'll see it from time to time (the time remaining on one segment of Lara's video diaries that you watch). I could look more for it I suppose, but I simply didn't pay as much attention with this game.

I'm about to play Hitman: Absolution, so I'll keep a sharp eye peeled and maybe I'll start taking a ton of photos while I game from now on).

There are several other games that AREN'T Square/Enix that shows this number a lot. Valve games has it frequently, some in the background of CSGO maps, Portal 2 shows the number twice while listening to Cave Johnson's blabbering. I've seen it in Half-Life 2 as well (but I'd need to replay that game to verify, been a while...).

As for shows, I tend to see the number pop up everywhere. Like an apartment number in the background. It isn't always by itself, either. Sometimes they show the time as 11:27, or it might be on an ad-board in the background. Sometimes it's spoken quickly, like a crime show might say 27 counts of this. The show 'Psych' utilizes the CRAP outta this number.

On the opposing side, I sometimes see the number 72, but not sure why. If not relational, then it's backwards.

14th May 2014, 07:52
Nice list.
While I don't have any specific answer as to why the number 27 in particular appears so frequently (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_(number)), at least I can say that you are not alone.
I spot this specific number all the time, too. For example, the world's tallest mounted dinosaur measures 13,27 meters, all in all.

17th May 2014, 02:12
There are other patterns I have spotted too. Such as the symbols utilized a lot. The attribution of the 4 main colors you see: red, blue, green and yellow (or is it gold?) And there's a ton of references to the Ananaki. Look for a documentary series entitled Ancient Aliens. Though I'm not convinced by these modern-day 'scholars'. Weird, but some cool stuff too, I suppose.

As for my backwards statement, all I can piece for the number 72 is this: it's the same number of stars in the painting 'The Apotheosis of Washington' which is located on the main rotunda found in the US Senate. The 72 stars circle around the picture with Washington being heralded by 6 Greek Gods/Goddesses. But who knows?

9th Jul 2014, 19:51
Since I've posted this, I ran through a few games (playing them entirely) and created a few #27 Steam Guides as well. The sheer amount is staggering and bewildering. We are absolutely being bombarded by this number. I've noticed 3 distinct patterns that it seems to follow. 27, 72 and what I've come to call the 2/7 Split (the 2 and 7 separated by a second distinct pattern of numbers). Watching these pattern build has been... illuminating.

As I further search for the number, I've also noticed that these games like to utilize 54 (27x2) and sometimes 108 (27x4) (which is more than likely a reference to ancient math systems such as Sanskrit and Hinduism). Why not be direct and flat out state this, rather than subtly lacing it into our memories? What about the other numbers? What are double digits for? 11? 33? 77? 88? Sometimes I believe '88' is a reference towards the 88 constellations (which is ancient Grecian btw). Polyalphabetic Ciphering is riddled throughout these games too. What the hell?

Here's a few Steam guides I made regarding this number:

Here is my steam group for it as well. Also, I've started listing all the games I've encountered and have began cataloguing these occurrences.
I've started a Master Game List compiling all my findings into a forums post players can use to find every instance of these numbers in-game.

You've edited your reply. Where's the link you directed me towards 27Project?

As both a traditional native AND a Christian, I don't really get into Numerology. Nor Scientology. To each their own. So, directing me towards Numerologists only made me more skeptical. I was taught that nature doesn't run by the numbers therefore establishing patterns to be measured for us to lead, but rather, it runs by patterns therefore establishing numerical measurement points for us to follow.

Now, some things I completely understand. There's also tons of references between 13 and 31. As a native, (and NO I am NOT illuminati!), i was taught that the Gregorian Calendar system is just completely wrong. It's weird that few people seem to remember there are 13 full moons per year. I had trouble remembering that until it was pointed out to me. The old system (even the Mayan utilizes this basic concept) is that there are 7 days/week & 4 weeks/full moon & 13 full moons/year. I'll even do the math:

7 x 4 x 13 = 364 days per year. Not 365.

So, I agree with Square about a few things, but there are too many questions left both unanswered or even unasked. And seeing as how Deus Ex: Human Revolution has more instances of these occurrences, perhaps I should be directing this post to David Anfossi? Or even Phil Rogers?

9th Jul 2014, 19:55
You've edited your reply. Where's the link you directed me towards 27Project?

And seeing as how Deus Ex: Human Revolution has more instances of these occurrences, perhaps I should be directing this post to David Anfossi? Or even Phil Rogers?

27Project? Can't even recall there ever was a second link at the moment.

And...why not?