View Full Version : Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition outed on the ESRB website (for Mac)

28th Feb 2012, 23:33
So apparently DX:HR is coming to Mac in a new edition: http://www.esrb.org/ratings/synopsis.jsp?Certificate=32118&searchkeyword=

Question is: does this mean Eidos is done with all DLC? Or will we see a yet un-anounced DLC that may be packaged with this edition? I really hope for the latter.

12th Mar 2012, 04:42
Never gamed on the MAC but good for those who game on it. They are getting a great game.

12th Mar 2012, 19:32
This is great news for Mac owners. :thumb:

13th Mar 2012, 07:40
This is great news for Mac owners. :thumb:

Exactly. I think I'll buy it for my mac, so that I at least have a good game on it.