View Full Version : The girl in the trailer is not Dianas daughter

22nd Feb 2012, 16:30
In the new trailer I saw in dianas file that she has no children...i also think that she is not really dead because I mean diana saved 47 and I think that 47 owes her by faking her death because the agency wants 47 to kill her because she accessed info she is not bound to access..

23rd Feb 2012, 06:09
they already announced diana is dead and i think they already said it wasnt her daughter. maybe the daughter of a friend or relative?

if it was her daughter it would be too corny so thats a good thing

23rd Feb 2012, 14:01
victoria could be dianas replacement that they scouted? I do think diana is dead judging by the trailer, you do see gunshot wounds on her i think that would be pretty impossible to fake ...

28th Feb 2012, 02:10
In the new trailer, there's a hint that Diana has other siblings. The sister is labelled as dead, but maybe the secret is she is in fact alive? (Diana's wish is to save her sister... but why?)

21st Mar 2012, 14:20
I was thinking that maybe Victoria is a clone of Diana. They look alot alike.

Link to picture:


I only have no idea WHY she would have a clone.