View Full Version : "Acquaintances Forgotten" - Emails Forgotten

19th Feb 2012, 15:29
Sup folks, I'm running HR third time, but this one I forgot to read emails after speaking with Sarif (Yes Boss) and before flying to Hengsha. You know, those emails that are extremly important for "Acquaintances Forgotten" quest. Now I have returned to Detroit and I understand that even if I read those emails, I couldn't return to the city. So, any ideas? Is there any savegame editor or other way to make game think that i had read emails in past?
Tried with DEBUG MOD (Shop\\Objectives...) but that did nothing.

28th Feb 2012, 02:58
Hello there, um--have you tried the Media Log Tab? the Media Log Tab keeps tracks of all emails. Second thing to do would be restart from the previous save point.