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18th Feb 2012, 04:51
In my continuing efforts to make the best looking DX desktop I can, I've stumbled upon a few elemnts of the wallpaper i can't make, and more importantly, can't find Rainmeter skins for. I'm hoping that someone either knows where I can fnd these elements or will be so inspired that they'll go out and make it from scratch. So without further ado, here are the things I'm looking for.

Element 1: Directory/application indicator
Near as I can tell, this thing is a visual reminder of what application has focus currently. I'm looking for something that can expand across the top of the screen and display the currently opened directory and perhaps application. For example, if I were looking at a folder in my program files directory it might read "Exler Systems\C:\Program Files\[Marathon (A1)]" or something. In my imagination it would have some slick animation that would have it slide to the left or right as the length of the directory address changes. I realize that this one is a bit tough, and I don't expect anyone to jump up and make this just for me.
Element 2: Slick lower bar
I know countless bars like this exist (I'm using one), but non that I've found have the exact specifications that I'm looking for. In particular, I'm looking for that WiFi indicator, the simplified CPU/Network up/down bars in yellow, the volume indicator and a battery life thing. It would also be great if I could input a simple string of text to display.
One final not, if anyone knows where I can get a good looking set of grey icons, please let me know, as I can't find any that I like.

Thanks a lot guys and I look forward to what you come up with.

18th Feb 2012, 09:36
For the icons. (http://www.iconarchive.com/) I can't help with the rest though.