View Full Version : problem whit graphics help!!!

13th Feb 2012, 15:40
hello I need help I have the requirements for bsp. atlhon II 250 3.0 ghz 2 gb ram 1 gb gforce GT430 directx 11. the game works but very slow walk using binoculars and underwater. shadows down the graphics and textures, but nothing. what would be the problem? I have w 7. thanks

19th Feb 2012, 10:13
I had a 3.0 GHz dualcore, 2 GB RAM and a 9800GTX 1GB graphics card. Normal play I got 14 fps, binoculars 8fps and underwater 3 fps. Got a new PC recently.
In my opinion your GPU would be your biggest bottleneck. My GTS450 with 4GB RAM runs the game great even on 1050. My suggestion is more RAM and a better GPU. Just to make sure check out this link and select Battlestations Pacific from the list. It should tell you how your PC rates for the game. Hope it helps.