View Full Version : White tiger gang - what is it??

13th Feb 2012, 03:21
I have always been puzzled by this part of the game. I know Blaine mentions it's a gang and it's intentions are rumored about but unknown. And when you visit te temple ( their hq), Sheldon says it was a fellow member of his that jnocked you out. However, you never find out what the gang was about, wha they did, you never saw any members or logos, and they aren't talked about anymore. The whole thing about the white tiger gang was very strange to me. Anybody have any thoughts or comments about this??

5th Jul 2012, 15:15
The White Tiger guys wear khaki pants, a black shirt and vest with a tiger logo, gloves, sunglasses, and a do-rag. They're pretty much just a mercenary group that Tom Sheldon hired.

9th Jul 2012, 19:12
There's lots of stuff in this game that doesn't make sense, like in my thread I made in which I talked about where after you take over a Stronghold, you have to waste(blow up) all of the fuel and other governement equipment.[Which the Ulars could use(but no, blow it all up instead...)Makes sense huh?]

26th Jul 2012, 05:46
The actual White-colored Tiger woods guys have on khaki slacks, a black tank top in addition to vest using a competition company logo, safety gloves, sunglasses, and a do-rag. They are virtually only a mercenary team in which Jeff Sheldon hired.There are several stuff in this particular game it doesn't sound right, just like within my carefully thread When i manufactured in that i talked about where by once you control any Stronghold, you should waste materials every one of the gas and also other authorities gear. That your Ulars are able to use Is sensible huh?