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13th Feb 2012, 03:07
I had an idea for multiplayer Deus Ex 3 recently and just having found the forums I thought I might share it.

Have a massive fortress with every security measure in place manned by a massive AI force.
Divide players into 2+ teams of 4-5 members (you would probably want to have friends on your team to make it go more smoothly). Have about a ten minute planning phase to chat with your team and have merchants and a decent amount of cash for each player to spend on whatever gear or praxis kits they want. Then send all teams in at the same time with a time limit to achieve one or more objectives within the fortress. (if you want to be really nasty have it be neccessary to have things done in different parts of the fortress at the same time) and then get out before the other team does the same. Also to avoid route memorizers have a variety of things (guard patrol routes, computer security, starting points, maybe even some corridors) randomized to force people to think on their feet. Naturally have varying difficulty from easy to hard.

This game type would force people to work together and go very carefully along with designating different roles (hacker, take down man, sniper, fire support or even someone to hunt down enemy team members) before selecting gear and augs. I think this would be a bit hard to do for casual play due to leavers and noobs and such but would make amazing competitive play. Imagine the replays and commentary that could come from a game like that between pro gamers.

So what do you think?

13th Feb 2012, 05:10
No MP.

23rd Feb 2012, 10:05
Some good news for you, maybe not quite as good as you expected.



Basically the project is a multiplayer RPG, based in HengSha city.
Buying a house or renting a hotel room
Joining a faction
Shopping for weapons, augs, furniture, clothes, nutrients and much more
Interaction between players and NPC's
Co-op elements
Non-lethal elements
War between factions
And much more...

It's a development of Cozmopolis (featured in the Giantbomb HDTP report), and our team deathmatch maps based on Detroit and Hengsha.

It sounds like you have a lot of ideas, if you want to get involved, you're more than welcome...

The city is going to be massive and blow your balls for six.