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13th Feb 2012, 02:37
Bought the game 3 weeks ago, and TML DLC a week ago. Haven't played any games for a while, just recently updated my comp and now I'm hitting up best titles over the past few years, prior to that my comp couldn't handle any AAA titles past 2004 or so.

I'm writing this post just to share my thoughts and for the long shot of anyone relevant reading this and even remotely considering my suggestions.

I give the game 8/10. At times, I felt it deserves 9.5/10, mostly in the Detroit hub 1st time around, and other times, like during boss fights or the TYM penthouse I felt it deserved 6/10.

So strange. I felt punished for sneaking around the entire time because I revealed my identity to Zhao anyway. Picus, Belltower, really anyone knew about Jensen, didn't feel right investing all points towards stealth augmentations.

I'll stay away from graphics, AI and animation remarks, that dead horse has been beaten by many before me.

One of the highlights, for me at least, was after successfully infiltrating Derelict Row, coming back to the SI HQ building and listening to the janitor tell me about some auged up guy who went in the gang territory and f-ed some sht up.

The problem with DX focus on choice is that when they do take it away from you, which they do on several occasions, you really feel it and it takes away a lot from the game. I forgive them for the "open that door to the loading screen" approach. I even forgive them for giving us very little non lethal weapon to use on the bosses. But I can't get past tazing the bosses to death and cut scenes with bleeding bosses despite my very hard work to use only the tazer.

Another WTF thing: Namir shot me cold blooded and assumed me dead at the beginning of the game. But then, after the battle with him, laying on the ground and bleeding to death ( I assure you, I didn't cause any of those flesh wounds) Namir spends his dying breath to talk to me about love. Really? REALLY? Is this a twilight episode or something??? At least Narhari Kahn was consistent, that guy kept reappearing because I never chose to kill him, only stun.

The dev team seemed committed to excellence but faded off too many times. Gamers want feedback. If I went through the Alice Garden Pods taking down each enemy without triggering alarms and alerting nearby enemy soldiers, if you are committed to making a game that will stand out way above others, you should put feedback in on such things. I want to see the reactions, I want a cut scene of Belltower chain of command discussing what happened. If the entire team sent to eliminate is put to sleep/killed and the hacker got away, they better be having discussions about that event. That sort of thing will put (the next) DX where it belongs: way above other titles.

It may seem like a minor thing but when gamers sense just how high devs aimed, falling short hurts more than mediocre titles that never set out to be special.

To end my little rant, I would prefer to have more effort put into masking map boundaries. On many occasions I hauled few dumpsters to jump over locations that seemed accessible yet was simply denied to leap over fences, despite stacking boxes and dumpsters. Overall vibe I got from this is that the game invites you to explore the world but isn't quite ready. Some of the inaccessible locations I tried to reach were easier to find than few praxis kits or one rocket launcher part for example.

13th Feb 2012, 07:00
First point: I also HATED how cutscene-jenses would always **** up. It really, really annoyed me that you were forced into doing such silly things, especially if you had previously been so careful. But no, you lose your control and your intelligence in those segments.

Adding in random cuts to belltower exec's discussing things would be a terrible idea. Slightly changing how the story is covered in the news or on the radio would be much more appropriate. Having random cuts that are straight to the issue would feel too forced, as if they're saying "haha, we see what you did there, now we're making absolutely sure you know we acknowledge your choice! Look at us noticing you! You're so important!"

13th Feb 2012, 23:54
The player/customer is important. But as long as the game doesn't offer more feedback based on what players, it won't achieve greatness which I feel DX deserves. Otherwise, without feedback on exactly how missions are executed and it's consequences, it's just another game.

As it is right now, DX is saying "here, we have given you 12 avenues to chose from but 10 of them are dead ends".

Agent Denton
15th Feb 2012, 22:44
Hell my thoughts after what...... my 10th or so play through is this game is still the ****. I just need the director's cut with all the cut content and revised boss fights and then I can flat out say it is the best game ever. I should be getting my pacifist achievement this time too. BONUS!!!

21st Feb 2012, 15:18
Good post. I agree whole-heartedly. On the subject of gamers wanting feedback, I'd also like to see something popping up after doing something that causes me to irretrievably fail an Achievement. If the darn tranquilizer rifle kills someone instead of merely knocking them out, I want to know right away that I can't get the Pacifist Achievement. Ditto if they die when I try to move their unconscious body. If I overhear a conversation in a vent that causes a room with a Doctorate Achievement ebook to become inaccessible, I want to know then and there.