View Full Version : Hitman 2 installation in windows 7 64bit

Don Edmond
12th Feb 2012, 13:55

I am trying to install hitman 2 in my laptop,i run the file and nothing occur during installation,it installs normally.I choose program file as game directory.After the completion of installation,I can't find the folder of my game:Eidos Interactive,so it doesn't start the game.I only see a shortcut in my desktop but it doesn't run.Please help

Don Edmond
20th Feb 2012, 12:12
I solved the problem,its ok.

28th Aug 2012, 14:05
i am running windows 7 64bit.
i have heard good reviews for this game and i wanna play it.
but when i try to run it ,it says Render RenderD3D.dll not supported.

i tried after editing it to RenderOpenGL.dll,still same error...

please help,how to solve it.