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9th Feb 2012, 20:53
Hey, its been real quiet recently. when can we expect new info? any gameplay videos, screenshots, feature lists, cast lists. anything?

10th Feb 2012, 09:49
I'm not sure what you class as 'recently' but in the last week alone we have:

- Published our first Meet The Team (http://www.barcode-society.com/weblog/Meet-Tore) article
- Revealed that we will be doing a video Q&A (http://www.barcode-society.com/weblog/ask-us-about-instinct) on Instinct and need your questions for it
- Collected all of the video interviews (http://www.barcode-society.com/weblog/orphanage-video-coverage) from the recent press events so you don't miss them
- Published Version 1 of our Fansite Kit (http://www.barcode-society.com/community/fansite-kit) that collects all of the released assets to date

February will continue to be a busy month with some very exciting things happening. In fact, we've got a lot planned for the coming months as well so it's best to just let us deliver everything to you, or if you are impatient, the Barcode Society will have everything you need.

10th Feb 2012, 20:08

Please say a release date. Please

10th Feb 2012, 22:50
That's really my top concern as well....

11th Feb 2012, 10:04
Awwww please, give us some more gameplay videos... Maybe could you show the 2 videos used to demonstrate the 2 ways of playing the level of the orphenage, stealthy/action shooter, I'd love that. Or maybe some screens of an other level, that was never shown...