View Full Version : Mods, Newvision,Shifter etc. How to install?

9th Feb 2012, 05:02
I tried putting the files of these mods into each folder inside of all folders inside of the deus ex main folder. Nothing seems to work and I tried several mods that are suppose to be very popular. When I try to replace the same named files it corrupts the game and it wont play. I put it into the main folder as the files are. I tried making a folder for the mod files themselves and putting all of the files into each of the folders inside of my deus ex folder in the programs under C drive.

What am I doing wrong? No mods ever work ever...EVER!

9th Feb 2012, 12:43
Shifter or Biomod (which is essentially Shifter++) should go into "/system" and replace the existing files (make backups of the old ones first!), while New Vision's files under "/NVTextures" in the archive file should go into "/textures" (I recommend you backup the entire textures folder first, just in case you have to revert or anything goes wrong) and *I think* you need the advanced renderers to parse them (if you have a DirectX 10 capable card, look in the NewVision archive under "\Enhanced Renderers\Kentie DX10\Version 27" and those should go into "/system" and should be set as the active renderer, otherwise put "\Enhanced Renderers\Chris OpenGL" there). Also, are you using Kentie's launcher (makes setting some things up like selecting the active renderer and fixing aspect ratio / UI stuff much much easier - should be in the New Vision pack also)? If not, it's packaged with New Vision and goes into "/system". Where did you get the game? Since, say, the D2D version is known to cause problems with mods.

Also, every archive I've looked into has some sort of readme file with them. Did you follow those?

9th Feb 2012, 21:43
I looked at a readme once with some mods but it didn't say anything other than specs of the mod and say something like have fun with the mod etc.