View Full Version : "Wingsuit Flying" in JC2 :D

9th Feb 2012, 00:09
Hi everyone...

I am new to the community, just as new as recent discovery.... Just Cause 2 is more than a action, blowing stuff up game!! :-O

So iI have used hide weapons mod and base jumper suit mod and completely gottn a new experience in JC2....

I have for the fun of it started to make Proximity Flight vids using movie maker... It REALLY is a nice way to use this game..My Just Cause 2 experience is completely revaamped!!

I really like the aspect of going out, finding suitable locations, practising them and the "flying" them... And i URGE others to do the same and upload some good stuff on youtube!!

Here are some links for my two first vids. I plan on putting one or two up each weekend.. Please have a look and comment.. :)



Greeting Zentrac