View Full Version : I would LOVE to see old Tomb Raider on iOS and Android

1st Feb 2012, 02:13
Just imagine how awesome it would be to play Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation on your iPhone or iPad? I would definitely play to get the classics on the go. What do you think?

1st Feb 2012, 14:03
Hi Kaelang, what would be even better if Eidos brought out a digitally enhanced Boxset of All Tombraider games for ALL consoles. What do you think? What do others think? More to the point how about it Eidos????

14th Feb 2012, 13:08
You need an Xperia Play phone from Sony Ericsson, you can download an app that will let you play any PS1 game so all you have to do is rip the original game to your memory card.

16th Feb 2012, 06:50
I don't own any smart phones but I won't be surprised if Eidos does this.

Other examples ~
1. Dead Space was already on the iPad.
2. I've also read recently, what I assume is, the original Max Payne HD version will be on smart phones.

So in the future, don't be alarmed if more high-production games become ported to iOS or Androids either.

Basically, game companies want profits. Therefore, I think major publishers and developers realize they want to steal the same chunk of that venue pie after maybe observing independent games doing well, and, hopefully, garnering those casual gamers into playing future high-production games outside of the venue, too.