View Full Version : PC Conflict Global Storm/Terror skill stars screen

30th Jan 2012, 08:54
How do I get back to the screen where I can add character skill stars with points ie.:(Rifle skill +1 star costs 40 points)? I've only seen this screen 1 time - the first time I played the game and the manual doesn't mention it. I even started a whole new game with new profile and still can't find it.:mad2: When I was at this screen, the 1 and only time, I was under the impression that I would earn more points for completing missions and be able to buy more skill stars. I've played a few missions, but it has never popped up again. Was this just a one-time thing when running the game for the first time...(Do I have to totally uninstall/reinstall the game to find it again)??:confused:

Conflict series is best squad FPS ever.:thumb:

18th Apr 2012, 08:20
Star conflict looks something like World of warplanes in space.It will be play4free, something like WoT.There will be light medium and heavy fighters, frigates, interceptors, and even dreadnaughts that require a whole clan to control! For more information regarding Star Conflict, please check here