View Full Version : If a settlement is completed, why am I having to redo the same enemies again?

29th Jan 2012, 19:19
Yesterday I decided to install Just Cause 2 again after a long time. I started the game from scratch since I lost my save game files.
Anyway, I completed Pekan Buah Melambak.

But here's the thing I don't understand. Why is it that I have to redo the exact same enemies in the exact same location, if I had already previously completed this particular settlement?

While I have previously completed the settlement and killed all the enemies in that location. I saved the game so that I exit for a break. Come back launch Just Cause 2 again and I realize that despite the fact that I have completed this settlement I've got the same enemies to fight with again.:mad2:

I understand this is a console port and that you can't manually save like in Crysis for example. But I expected that at least after completing particular settlements (as if it was a checkpoint), etc I won't have to face the same enemies again when I exit and launch the game next time. Hence would be able to move on to the next settlement without having to fight the same enemies again when I travel by Pekan Buah Melambak.

How do you happen to tackle through this situation again each time after completing settlements and exiting and restarting again?:scratch:

Mutoid Log
30th Jan 2012, 11:22
You don't have to fight them. Just drive/fly past them without attacking them.

31st Jan 2012, 21:07
must be peculiar to the platform you're using. I'm pretty sure once you've completed a location its deserted on a re-visit. But then maybe not, lol, this IS JC2 after all! Anything can happen!

31st Jan 2012, 23:49
Done. Thanks for the suggestion. I simply avoided killing them and I was safe to travel past without being attacked.:)
That was near the Pekan Buah Melambak settlement then shortly after that there was a code to enter to the right, just near the corner between this one settlement to the next one which was very close by it.

I clicked to enter a code and then a group of good guys shall I say, brought me to the other side of the coast with some speed boat. Next location was called Stronghold Takeover Power Surge.

When I managed to kill those enemies there then the checkpoint was saved and this time I didn't have to fight with the same enemies again when I next time launched the game again. I completed that area 100% although not sure if it was really considered as a settlement rather than a mission.:scratch:

I am now left with a couple of options, a yellow helicopter and a another passage back to the main road. I guess now I need to just travel to the next settlement.