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29th Jan 2012, 16:32
Hi everyone.. new here.. sorry if im posting something that was already posted earlier.

Bought this game last week and totally in love with it !
Just wanted to check something with you guys.
I have the AUG EDITION which came with weapons and 10000 credits. Now, i have just cleared the 1st mission and took up 2 side quests at the same time and dont know how i ended up failing the "Motherly Ties" quest without even trying it..

so my question is.. IF i start the WHOLE game again from new game.. will i still get the bonus stuff i got with this aug edition ? .i.e the weapons and free credits ?
Also, is there any way i can re-do that mission ? :(

really bummed abt it..

pls help if u can..

apologize if this is a re-post..

29th Jan 2012, 20:36
The bonus is for every new game you start. No worries!

You might want to check a Saved game to see if you don't have to start all over. Once a quest is failed (red 'x'), it's always in a way that can't be fixed (an essential person got killed or knocked out or something similar).

31st Jan 2012, 16:36
Hey there.. thanks a lot for your reply..
looks like il have to start over again..

thnx again !

31st Jan 2012, 16:59
Hey there.. thanks a lot for your reply..
looks like il have to start over again..

thnx again !

I'd advise carrying on with your game. Part of what sets Deus Ex apart from other series is that it allows you to see the consequences of your actions, and you may find that failing the Motherly Ties quest has unexpected (but not entirely negative) consequences. Or it may not - I honestly can't remember. The point is, DXHR is a game that not only allows you to fail but adapts to it. Accept that you failed this mission and see what happens. Heck, you can always get it right next time.

Also, you're only something like 20% of the way through a game filled with such opportunities for failure. If you restart from scratch after every one, you're never going to complete the damn thing. :P