View Full Version : Deus Ex HR - Catalyst 12.1 now supports 30Hz and Crossfire!

28th Jan 2012, 15:44
Dear Eidos Montreal,

Im filing a support ticket also but in the Catalyst 12.1 driver for stereo scopic 3D AMD has released support for 30HZ in addition to 24Hz.

Currently Deus Ex has support for 23 and 24 HZ frequencies for Stereo Scopic support natively for 1080P but there is not an option for 30Hz as it was just introduce into the 12.1 Catalyst drivers.
I am writing you to request Deus Ex to be patch and updated to give support for the 30Hz frequency at 1080P as this will provide smoother gameplay in Stereoscopic mode with less studdering since
The demands of 3D are extreme.

In addition the support of Crossfire has been included.
It does work with Deus Ex but Ive noticed some glitches that sometimes while it detects 3D support when crossfire is enabled the monitor or in my case the 3D HDTV does not detect the signal forcing a reboot of my computer.
So there is a weird detection glitch or crossfire glitch with stereoscopic 3D. Although I was happy to see for the most part that it works.

I’d like to see 30HZ added and an investigation done on why sometimes it loses detection forcing a reboot. This is seen when in crossfire.
Ill also open a support inquiry with AMD.

But the Eidos enhancement for sure is the request for 30HZ support in 1080P Stereo Scopic mode which currently support 23 and 24Hz only and no option for 30Hz.
Is there a way or config file to over ride this to be able to force 30 in the game since the driver supports it as a work around?


28th Jan 2012, 20:35
I wish Catalyst actually, you know, worked.

I've had an ATI card since Christmas, and I can't get the goddamn software to work at all.