View Full Version : Check out my hitman tattoo!

27th Jan 2012, 20:16
Yes, this is a real tattoo. This picture is when I first got it back in august of 2010. It's a little faded now but I am currently too lazy to upload a new picture at the moment :P

Yes, I am a hardcore fan, but that is not why I got the logo inked onto my arm. My cousin and I used to always play the hitman games when we got to see each other (rarely got to see each other) and he was pretty much like a brother to me. Hitman was our tradition, staying up all night just playing.

When he passed away I thought of something very personal I could get inked and not just his name or the normal. I thought hard and then it hit me, not only does the hitman logo look cool and in a way like a tribal tattoo, but when I thought of my cousin the memories of staying up all night playing hitman were always one of the first things to hit me. It was there I realized that this would be the best and most personal tattoo.
So yes, there is actual meaning behind it, and as much as I love the hitman series, I would not get it tattooed just because of my love for it haha. Hopefully the new game doesn't put this tattoo to shame! :D