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22nd Jan 2012, 07:32
Hello DXHR fans! In my admittedly sparse spare time as a PC gaming journalist, I've started up a blog devoted entirely to stealth gaming.

Check it out at www.sneakybastards.net.

I actually reviewed DXHR proper for PC PowerPlay (you might remember me as the super fridge guy) but this site also has reviews that focus on stealth gameplay - there's actually one for DXHR right here (http://sneakybastards.net/stealthreview/ghost-in-the-machine/).

Come to think of it it's actually kind of crazy how Eidos has now become pretty much the sole provider of proper stealth gameplay (Deus Ex, Thief, Hitman...). Especially now that Metal Gear Solid has turned into Bayonetta.

Anyway, this has been a project that I've been working on for the better part of a year. Feedback appreciated! I'm also looking for more stealth-focused writers, if you're keen to drum up a sample. We'd love to have others on board.


22nd Jan 2012, 09:53
The site is great, unfortunately it's consistently inaccessible for me without using a proxy.

22nd Jan 2012, 10:02
Whereabouts are you located?

22nd Jan 2012, 10:31

22nd Jan 2012, 10:45
Very cool site, thanks for the introduction. :thumb:

22nd Jan 2012, 20:42
Ah, it's the original fridge prophet himself! :)

I think you sold a lot of people onto the game with those posts back then, man. I certainly used those quotes wherever I could. The article itself is pretty darn good and in-depth on how Stealth works in the game. Will definitely repost it.

edit: I did find an error, though. You claim you cannot use a non-lethal weapon to finish off a boss, but I've done it to the exact same boss you use in the example using the stun gun alone - it just takes a LOT of ammunition. And the boss still "drops dead" in the cutscene.

23rd Jan 2012, 03:45
Really? Wow. Does that mean you can kill a regular character with a stun gun? Like, if you shoot their unconscious body just as many times?

23rd Jan 2012, 05:59
I like the DX:HR review on stealth. I didn't realize you could shoot cameras with stun guns to short em out briefly. I thought those things were impervious. On my next play through I'll have to try thinking outside my regular comfy box.

23rd Jan 2012, 06:36
Really? Wow. Does that mean you can kill a regular character with a stun gun? Like, if you shoot their unconscious body just as many times?

Haven't tried or noticed it with regular characters, but there are reports of accidental killings with the tranq rifle. As for bosses, repeatedly stunning them is my favourite tactic now, and the first time I fought Barrett I ran out of lethal ammo and shot him in panic with the tranq. As it turned out, it was the final little bit of damage needed to defeat him. One of my personal favourite DX:HR moments of hilarity :P